Eminence 15" Subwoofer and Midbass Information

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  1. Thanks so much Greg. Much appreciated. This shiws me that this driver most likely isnt the driver made for a known OEM for a very specific design/model. Although, the 25Hz 5cuft tune does look rather good, and would have in room response into the 18Hz spectrum quite easily and would maintain a realtively flat response to 25Hz. I was inquiring on using these drivers in a three way cab capable of full range coverage, including sub 20 material. The design I was comparing was indeed an 18Hz tune.

    Again thank you for those runs. Im not able to access my PC to do so.
  2. @71jones, These 15s should go past reasonable, but there's always "insane" to shoot for. I'm doing an upgrade as well, so have options. I love my VMPS Larger Sub, but I also now have a space under stairs I could turn into a big cab. And I can remove some small thru-wall shelves to give me a 30x15" entry to the room. It will be time to play with multi-subs, since I haven't done that before.
  3. @Burnsze15, remember that any manufacturer specs are going to be very optimistic. ;^)
  4. Greg, I have one more request if possible.... I really appreciate it.

    Can you run a sweep at 5 and 6 cuft volume instead of just 5, and keep the 18Hz tuning, but move the basic response analysis criteria to 20V at 2m? I have a very certain reason for this I assure you and again, appreciate it very much.
  5. Agreed completely. Im using some Data-Bass numbers for comparison. I think this may be what Im looking for actually, see my request above for basic response numbers. Thanks Again.
  6. @Burnsze15, here you go. The upper is 6 cu.ft.
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  7. Thanks Greg!!
  8. Thanks Gregg- a little reassurance goes a long way. I have only dabbled and don’t feel like I have enough reference points to make a good guess as to where there would fall on the spectrum. Your input is appreciated!
  9. seeing as i'm considering this more of a mbm/sub under the mains for mostly music i've come up with a nice flat response out of 3.76 cf (3.9 actual)

    a 15"w X 1.5"h X 18"l slot vent ...... fb 27.1 , pe 600w , 117db, f3 26.3, 8mm cone displacement @ 35-40hz, 14mm @ 20hz

    this size will also allow me to go down to a critically damped q by plugging the vent

    do you think i'll need a hp on bottom (20-30hz) or just leave it?....i'm not big on lfe and most of my loud ht use will be for music dvd's anyhow......looking at the crown xls2502, and dsp x-over options only go down to 30hz.....the way i figure it i'd get better sq from 30 up if i did?

    can always add a single 18 later for lfe if need be.....i've got two sub outputs on reciever.

    any input is welcome as this is my first attempt at a 'fine tuned' system

    thanks bob
  10. Nice alignment indeed. I'm on basically the same track, playing with variants. Thinking big.

    You should be fine without an HP on there, unless you have known recordings that will hit sub-20 and like it REALLY LOUD. If you're not doing EDM at club levels, this driver should be well nigh indestructible. I currently have a VMPS Larger Sub (12+15+15PR) and my mains are full range with 12+12PR, all tuned very low. One of my references is an organ piece (Dupre' - G Minor, Royal Alert Hall) which I can get aallllmost as loud as I want. No HP on anything, and those old drivers, while good, are not built like this Eminence. They earn their money at high levels, but you'll find out once this one is set up, how much headroom you think you need, etc.

    That said, if you have the sealed option when plugging the port, you can DSP to get the sound you want, and have more protection.
  11. no edm.....lol

    thats good, i'd rather just leave the dsp out if it all possible....i've got adjustable analog lp on the reciever sub outs and adjustable hp for the mains.

    i like your under the stairs idea.....i've got perfect stair placement for that 18!
  12. i'm thinking that keeping the x at 8mm in the 'meat' ( 35-40hz) will result in a quick impactful kind of bass?
  13. Once you plug the port, the rolloff is going to come very early for this driver without DSP. But you could run it hot, relative to your mains. After that, it's up to the room.

    I wouldn't worry about trying to keep the xmax down that low. This thing has a strong motor. You should get all the impact you need. There was a 4 ohm version at one point, listed as having a 1-1/2" long winding on the VC. It had a 13mm xmax, which is less than this buyout version. Erich would have to say if Eminence gave him specifics on it.

    I've only ever had issues in the past with cheap drivers/weak motors.
  14. i'm going to try it both ways plugged and unplugged...... the volume and port size numbers work for both ways....of course sealed f3 is 56hz but still 104db at 20hz

    will probably try some form of aperiodic (lightly stuffed ports) for the 'inbetween'
  15. I remember the Dynaudio Variovent system, but only heard one system with them many years ago. It may have been an attempt to provide a smoother impedance load, in the days of matching their woofs with low impedance panels, or with the goal of making things easier on the amp. It always intrigued me, but also made me a bit leery. If you do it, I'm sure we'd all love reports.
  16. Someone please help set me straight. I was planning on doing 2 Dayton UM-18 in 2 sealed 4cf for movies. Then I saw this buyout deal and thought of buying 4 of these to do 2 dual opposed sealed 4cf sub. My WinISD sim graph have these two Eminence 15 Buyout not doing as well as a Single UM-18. See attached graph.

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  17. oh i'm gonna try it....i ordered a calibrated measuring mic yesterday so i can document what i'm 'hearing'

    gonna go at it ol' school with no dsp......i've never needed it in 30+ yrs of messing with subs!

    you all might laugh at what i'm building but worst case scenario i waste some time and plywood.....i'll start a build thread once i get rolling.
  18. huh.....i get a curve that almost mirrors your 18 curve with a single 15 in a 3.76 cuf sealed ?
  19. I don't know what you need to be set straight on. Just different drivers. The UM has a lower Fs and higher Qts, so will naturally go lower in a sealed box. If you wire its coils in series, you'll be at 4 ohms. I don't know how they derive the sensitivity for it, but assume its 88.5. 2 of these eminence in parallel will be 4 ohms as well, but at 95.5 db sensitivity. That's a big difference when it comes to how much power you need to hit them with.
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    Do you have a WinISD wdr file for this driver that you can zip and attach here. I wonder if I've got some params wrong in WinISD.

    I guess i'm trying to compare the performance of these driver in a dual oppose encl compared to a single UM-18 as they're similarly priced. And based on what I'm seeing in the simulation, I'm not seeing the advantage of going with 2 of these 15" vs 1 18" for HT. However, conventional wisdom makes me think that going with 2 of these should be better. Also, assuming I'll be driving these with an Inuke 6000DSP, so power source should not be a factor.
  21. @afaa, bear in mind that the design goals are key. The UM18 is meant for small, sealed, HT cabs (or crazy cars maybe), while the Lab15++ is more of a pro sound subwoofer, with quite a bit of flexibility. Both should be robust in the face of home use, but if you're building pro cabs...well, I haven't seen anyone talk about a pro cab built with a UM18.
  22. I get basically the same curve for the Lab15++ as @afaa, in different software.
  23. yah.....i was looking at the wrong one.....i've got what amounts to a spaghetti plot from a hurricane forcast!

    my sealed f3 is at 56hz f10 28hz pretty much inline with afaa's
  24. The problem is that you are only looking at the transfer function when comparing those two drivers and not the SPL or Max SPL graph which are more telling of performance when comparing drivers two.

    Transfer function of UM18 vs. 2x Custom Lab-15 each in 4cuft sealed enclosures:
    UM-18 vs 2x CLAB-15 4cuft sealed TF.png

    SPL (at 1w):
    UM-18 vs 2x CLAB-15 4cuft sealed SPL.png

    Max Output:
    UM-18 vs 2x CLAB-15 4cuft sealed Max SPL.png

    Max output with single lab-15 buyout in 4cuft ported cab tuned to 20hz thrown in as well:
    UM-18 vs 2x CLAB-15 4cuft sealed Max SPL + ported.png
  25. @afaa, another way you can look at it is that 2 of the 15s have ~30% more surface area than a single 18, and these Eminence have ~30% less throw than the UM18, which roughly balances out, as far as total volume displaced.

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