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  1. I'm hoping for suggestions for a driver well-suited for the Eminence Beta 12CX, so any recommendations, especially based on personal experience, would be appreciated. I've owned a pair, still in the factory cartons, for quite awhile but never have followed through on a design. I've got two 4 cubic ft. cabs that would be suitable.

    An audio consultant named Mike Klasco had an article in Speaker Builder Magazine some years back in which he recommended the Motorola KSN 1188 horns and he recommended these because of their wide bandwidth, 800 Hz to 20,000Hz. I tried that one time for one speaker in an old surplus cabinet I had already cut for a 12 inch speaker, but was not really happy as it seemed like it would be more suited for sound reinforcement than home audio or studio. I think Mike was on the right track, however, in that I think the crossover ought to be lower than what I see often suggested for this speaker. I meant to try this Motorola again using John Risch's suggestions for piezo drivers and bring the horn in at about 1600 Hz, but never have. Eminence recommends a 2.5kHz turnover frequency crossover and their ASD1001 driver. I seems to me that would be too high for this 12 inch speaker.

  2. Hey sorry I never saw this post until now some how.

    I agree about 1500hz or even lower XO would probably be right. Can't the asd1001 get down there? That's the CD I'd be looking at. And in your home you can cross lower than the recommended. Only thing is I think its a titanium diaphragm CD iirc. Some people find them to sound ugly at high frequencies, but I can't say this for myself, I've never done the comparison.

    How did you design the first XO? That is fairly important to the end result.
  3. Did you ever get anywhere with this? I have two 12CX's and two ASD1001 drivers sitting in boxes in my garage and wouldn't mind doing something with them. I'd love to see are they good enough for fronts but they might not be. Really I guess I needs to get a good crossover design for these speakers to see their potential.

    Long term my plans for fronts are the 893's or Cinema-8's and I might get in on the pre-order soon if funds allow so maybe move the 12CX's to surround duties.

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