Faital Pro 12PR300 + SEOS-12/DNA-360

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    First off I need to give thanks to Tad (tsloms) for supplying the woofer. The 12PR310 should also work with this design.

    This speaker uses the nicest drivers I have ever had a chance to mess around with and they don't disappoint. I really liked it alot.

    (Edit 5-8-2018, fixed dead photo links)


    On axis outdoors:

    0-60 degrees off axis:

    Crossover Schematic:

    Crossover Parts List:
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  2. Wow nice work thats smooth.
  3. That is pretty darn nice.
  4. Thanks, the question now is whether or not this design should be made into a kit?

    Jeff Bagby has his two very nice 12” designs which would be priced around this one. Bill’s Deltalite kit is around the same price point as well. So There is concern over the amount of 12” designs priced relatively close confusing those who are looking for a kit. Though Erich said he has no problem turning this one into a kit also.

    That is why I am asking for opinions on this matter.
  5. WOW - beautiful workmanship, great result !
  6. WOW! Nice one MTG. That looks great.

    FWIW, I think it should be a kit. Looks like it fits into the flat pack already built, so no extra outlay there. More options are better than fewer imo. And the other 12" kits are all eminence. This is the first Faital Pro. Do it :D
  7. You are very welcome for using my driver for the test. I'm glad that the XO turned out looking so nice for it.

    I will be ordering the XO parts shortly for mine and should have them up and running by the end of next week. I'll report back here with how they sound.
  8. tsloms' design uses a QSC waveguide with the DNA-360. It just so happened that it worked out great using the same crossover as the SEOS-12 design. I also tried it with the B&C DE500 Tad sent to have me test and that CD works well also.

    DNA-360 indoors on axis, ignore SPL on these.

    DE500 indoors on axis (required different value HF boost capacitor for flat response):
  9. I for one wish there more sealed designs, woofer size dont matter to me.
  10. I think I like the woofer flush mounted more than rear mounted... that's surprises me. I dunno. I can't really decide.

    Nottaway, you could just do any of these designs sealed, really. Other than the baffle size/shape might change a bit, but that shouldn't matter. And that it should be checked for bass extention. I wouldn't go sealed if it can only get down to 150hz or something. Didn't you get a design done by Bill for the delta12lta or something? I remember something like that, simmed really well sealed. It was a good choice.
  11. Nice work! looks smoooove too.
  12. IS the sensitivity 95dB? That's a nice curve, esp the off-axis...

  13. I think it is around 94-96dB or so, I forgot to test sensitivity outdoors. Those sweeps were not calibrated at 2.83v but they must have been close.
    Tad has the driver back so I can't verify those numbers. However the driver is rated at 99dB 2.83v, T/S specs show closer to 96 in the bass range.

  14. The Faital Pro when installed in a 1.3 cubic foot enclosure has a F3 point of 100hz. If you do need it lower then the enclosure can always be ported to lower the F3 point. Alternatively an EQ can give a small boost to the lower end response to lower the F3. The 12PR 300 does like a smallish enclosure which makes the enclosure options easier.

    I did rear mount my woofer as well. I do like how it turned out but it's entirely at the builder's discretion if he prefers front or rear mount. Perhaps MTG can verify this but I don't think it makes a big difference in the XO design how the woofer is mounted.

  15. Well it does to some extent. At the 1100hz crossover point a 3/4" offset equals about 22 degrees of phase error. Impact is greater at higher crossover points where wavelengths are shorter.

    On your design a front mounted woofer would still work and could use the same crossover, it makes a slight dip at 1500hz of about 1dB.
    Not too bad going from front mounted to rear mounted on the SEOS design either, reverse polarity notch not as deep but no major dips caused while in phase.
  16. Yes he did but i havent built them yet. Ive been really busy in my theater otherwise..... It was just a suggestion that some folks might be looking for complete sealed designs. Ones that have been built, tested, and measured.

    Ill be building them out sometime after new year and ill share what i get.

    I cant help but get woofer envy when looking at some of these designs using such high quality drivers. ;)
  17. So what do you guys think, should there be a kit with this model? Like MTG mentioned, there are 3 other designs around the same price, but they are Eminence.

    MTG, what enclosure size did you end up with? Maybe they could be easily used in a box I already have coming with just a change in the baffle.
  18. A lot of pro drivers have the same diameter, don't they? It might work with a box you already have made up...

    I know my 8" eminence woofer fit right (perfectly) into a celestion cut out on your 0.75cuft baffle you sent me.
  19. Mine is 14.5"w x 25"h x 12"d external, 13 x 23.5 x 10.5 internal, which puts it at about 1.85 total and 1.6 cuft net internal volume.

    The three ports were 2.5" diameter and 4" long which gives a tuning of 65hz and a slight bump in the bass for extra kick. I planned it so you can plug one two or all three ports.

    With one plugged tuning drops to 53hz however f3 remains the same as all three open at 60hz, rolloff is just smoother.

    With tho ports plugged tuning drops to 38hz, f3 is 80hz with phase and group delay at 80hz almost identical to a sealed enclosure. I this is the best option for a THX style crossover at 80hz.

    With all three ports sealed you get an f3 of 100hz.

    This same idea will work with it in an enclsoure anywhere from 1.6 to 2.2 cuft.
    I made my cutout 12.5" and it was a perfect fit, not too tight not too much gap. It lists an overall 12.4" diameter for this driver.
  20. On woofers with large frames or foam around the edge, I prefer the appearance of rear mounting too.

  21. Face, those look great. How are you going to finish them?
  22. Thanks. As for the finish, that's still up in the air. I have access to a bodyshop, vehicle wrap shop, or just may use Duratex.
  23. I have all of the parts from PE to build this crossover now. I'll be building it this afternoon and should be listening to it tonight!!

  24. They look like they deserve a nice finish. A metallic dark grey auto-paint would be awesome-looking i bet.

    Also, there's just something about the big woofer with accordion surround rear-mounted that looks "right." Can't say what it is, but there's an elegance to it.
  25. Are you doing the one with the adjustable l-pad? Either way I'm looking forward to your impressions.

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