Faital Pro 12PR300 + SEOS-12/DNA-360

Discussion in 'DIY Speakers and Subwoofers' started by Matt Grant, Nov 7, 2012.

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    Matt, thanks for responding. That's a shame regarding the H290C as I already own a pair.
  2. I also own a pair of the B-52 clone of the QSC waveguide. Hope that's compatible with your crossover?
  3. I see tsloms used the QSC so I'll go that route.
  4. Hello there,

    I was looking to build an "Econowave" style of speaker when I stumbled upon this thread.

    This is as close to what I had in mind as I have found.

    Some very specific questions,

    If you were doing this again, which of the 12PR3X0 series of drivers would you choose?

    All four 12PR300, 12PR310, 12PR320, 12PR330 seem to model similarly and are close in price ($390, $350, $410 and $350 CDN respectively for a pair delivered).

    What size enclosure did you use?

    What was Fb?

    What crossover point did you use and what acoustic slopes?

    Do you have a graph of the raw driver responses and then with the XO responses?

    What F3 did you end up with?

    The responses you posted look like those of a sealed box, not of a ported one (as shown in the pic).

    I have a pair of Celestion CDX1-1746 (screw on) that I wish to use. They are supposed to model/behave/sound very very close to the B&C DE250.

    The SEOS 12 is a bolt on WG, as is the B52 PHRN-1014, so I was thinking of using the Dayton H6512 6-1/2" x 12" Waveguide, which is a screw on.

    If the SEOS or B52 is the better choice, I could use a bolt on to screw on adapter.

    If the crossover you posted requires some modification to work with what I am thinking, that is not a problem, I have the ability to measure and modify or design from scratch a new crossover if necessary.


    TL/DR - Would the Faital Pro 12PR310 in a ~60 litre enclosure, Fb~50Hz, crossed over at ~2000Hz to a Celestion CDX1-1746 compression driver/Dayton H6512 horn seem like a pretty good combo/plan or, a bad plan and there are better choices...?

    Thank you,

  5. Hi Matt,

    Your post caught my eye because I was seriously considering doing something with the Faitalpro 12PR320 and the Eminence N314X-8.I don't have any experience with them but they look very interesting on paper.

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