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  1. First post, but I've visited this site many times - rereading and rereading. I'm grateful that I'm not the only DIY leaning geek out there. I build tube guitar amps and effect pedals, and am inclined to modify things in general - perhaps to a fault.

    I am also a worship leader at a local church. Some time next year (or earlier, if possible), I would like to upgrade the FOH mains from two pairs of EV ZX190 cabinets and one pair of EV ELX18 subs. The purpose for the change is 1) we are re-building the stage and subs will be incorporated into the front of the stage, and I would like more intelligibility/clarity in the midrange.

    The room is perhaps the worst possible design. An octagon. To add to that, the ceiling height at the stage is some 30 feet, down to 10 feet at the 'back' of the room (the opposite of a waveguide). The octagon seats 350.

    ----actual question----
    What changes need to be made to the BillWalso style synergy horns in order for them to be used for front of house (130dB practical output at 1W/1M from 100Hz and up)? Bill was able to get extension to 50Hz in the large cabinet. If a similar style horn had a 1" compression driver, four 5" midrange and two 12" LF, how could that be incorporated into an enclosure? I used the spreadsheet and it's not feasible to build a waveguide down to 100Hz, but most larger drivers have a wide enough dispersion below 300Hz. Coverage would be something like 75deg wide and 30deg vertical for each enclosure. These would be actively crossed over with minidsp.

    I have experience with equipment, drivers, enclosures and building, just not with this synergy style design.

    Thank you for any input,
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    In my opinion you are better off putting your energies into convincing the congregation to partake of some money raising activities ( to eventually buy some used speakers inspired by Danley > that fit the bill ).

    Yorkville Sound make & sell a licensed Danley design called the Unity .

    Consider renting a few ( for a few weeks ) to see if they actually fit your needs.

    The model I think you should first explore is the U15P ( powered ).


    There's also a non-powered model ( the U15 > click the pic for the link ) [​IMG]

    It'll be a lot easier to get the congregation onside if you can demonstrate the effectiveness ( of your idea in action ).

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  3. Thanks for the suggestion. What are your listening impressions of the U15?

    I emailed a Danley dealer on Thursday and have not received reply yet (Monday).


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