FOR SALE: Fusion-12

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  1. Are you looking for an assembled set? It is time to simplify my life. Here, with some regret and reluctance, I offer the pair of Fusion 12 Sentinel loudspeakers that I built from the DIY Sound Group parts packages and flatpack cabinets. Epoxy glue was used. Finish is black Duratex. Lining is 1” thick adhesive backed acoustical foam. The port tubes are wrapped with 1/2" thick adhesive backed acoustical foam. Two sets of binding posts on back of cabinet, one pair to each driver. Crossover is in an external plastic box, not pretty but functional. The crossover is presently set up for single amp powering; two terminals are easily moved for bi-amping. Capacitors have been upgraded to SoniCap Gen 1, with small WIMA caps as bypasses on each [yes, a significant improvement in clarity and imaging]. All materials total cost $1,100.00. Asking $1,300.00 in order to cover a small amount of my labor time.
    Also available are “stands”: 4-leg tables, approximately 16” tall, top is a 2 ¼ x 18 x 24 BOOS laminated maple butcher block [many small holes, from previous uses as base for 3 different loudspeakers]. Price TBD if wanted.
    No packaging. Pickup only, from ZIP 18661.

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