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  1. I have a loudspeaker project that the ravages of age [less patience, less strength, less manual dexterity] prevent me from completing. The following items are now for sale, lot price $750.00, plus shipping, from ZIP 18661:
    . (2) Lambda Acoustics Model TD12H-4 drivers (12”, 4 ohms, 93 dB sensitivity);
    . (2) SEOS-15 waveguides, matte finish;
    . (2) Denovo DNA-360 compression drivers (8 ohm, 108 dB sensitivity);
    . (2) Precision Port 4” flared port tube kits, one set with rings glued to flares and with tube not cut or glued, the other set stock.
    All purchased new by me except for the Lambda drivers, which I purchased from someone who I know who is using 15” Lambda drivers in a system of his own design. The 12” Lambda drivers listed here are very clean, and seem to have never been mounted.
    I have listened to this Lambda/waveguide/compression driver system. I used cardboard boxes of approximately 1 ½ cubic feet as a lossy box for the Lambda, with the waveguide/compression driver assembly sitting on top of the box. I can confirm that all drivers work, and sound to me to be working equally and correctly. The other components used in this setup are now also for sale:
    . Ashley XR-1001 stereo 2-way analog electronic X/O [set to 1,400 Hz for the listening test] $200.00;
    . Dayton 091-1010 RCA jack to ¼” mono plug adapters, 8 pieces total for $20.00 [6 used for this setup, one extra for use in X/O mono sub out if desired, one spare];
    . The Ashley X/O can also use XLR for in and out, except for mono sub out. Lot price $30.00 for (8) Dayton 240-428 [only 4 needed for X/O] and (4) Dayton 240-438 [only 2 needed for X/O];
    . I used one Parasound Zamp v.3, 45 wpc in to 8 ohms/60 wpc in to 4 ohms, for the Lambda drivers. I have two of these amps available at $225.00 each. One can be used for the DNA-360 drivers because, unlike most amps, it has input level controls;
    . I did in my test setup use a Transcendent Sound Mini Beast amp, 4 wpc in to 8 ohms, for the DNA-360. This is $900.00 and includes some spare tubes;
    . Emotiva CMX2 DC blocker, $60.00. I usually find that amplifiers with toroid power transformers benefit when plugged in to this device. It is more than that any transformer mechanical noise is reduced or eliminated. The music at the loudspeakers seems to be cleaner. In this test setup, both amps were plugged in to one CMX2.
    All items were purchased new by me; Mini Beast assembled by me; all plus shipping from ZIP 18661.
    Thanks for looking.

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