FS : Anarchy Horn Sub w/ Foster Amp $175

Discussion in 'Classified Section' started by cacophonix, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. I've a nice little tapped horn using the Exodus Anarchy driver. The design is quite popular (
    ), and the flat pack was bought from Erich of diysoundgroup. The amp is a fosters WF-100K, which provides more than enough juice in a small room. I found this to be very tuneful, and in my small office space, mated really well with the dynaudio bm5a mk2 monitors. The finish is walnut stain and black spray finish over the edges with lacquer topcoat. I also built a small box to hold the sub amp and added a speaker terminal to it.
    Asking for $175. Shipping will be a bit painful as i obviously don't have any packing for this. Local sale at DFW (75025) is preferred.

  2. PM replied.
  3. Bump! Still available
  4. Still available?
  5. Still available.

    A great deal for someone local.
  6. Still available? I live in the DFW area.

  7. Sorry, it just got sold today, and the buyer came by to pick it up.

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