FS: Pair NHT A1 Monoblocs, Dayton HPSA-1000R subwoofer amp

Discussion in 'Classified Section' started by DS-21, Oct 28, 2012.

  1. Three amps for sale.

    [SIZE=x-large]First, a pair of NHT A1 monoblocs.[/SIZE]

    [SIZE=medium]Class G, 1RU, balanced and unbalanced inputs, 12V trigger, and signal-sensing auto-on. Measured by Stereophile to do 216W/8Ω, 350W/4Ω, and 440W/2Ω. Good enough for subs or mains. Certified as electrically safe by an OSHA-approved NRTL, unlike a certain cheap knockoff of this amp. (See ETL stamp on back of unit.) Input sensitivity is a little low for an unbalanced miniDSP, but works fine with every other source I've tried (including a MacBook's headphone output).[/SIZE][SIZE=x-large]

    [size=medium]Excellent condition, original shipping material. [/SIZE][SIZE=x-large]

    [size=medium]$450 plus actual shipping from 30308 for pair, or $250 plus actual shipping each.[/SIZE][SIZE=x-large]

    [size=medium]Pics: [/SIZE][SIZE=x-large]





    [size=x-large]Second, Dayton HPSA-1000R Class G Subwoofer Rack Amp[/SIZE][size=x-large]
    Class G subwoofer amp, includes low-pass filter, 12V trigger or auto-sensing turn on/standby, continuous phase control, and one band of parametric EQ. See Parts Express page for more info.

    Excellent condition. Will ship in original box.

    $225 plus actual shipping from 30308.


  2. Is the Dayton still available? Marco
  3. Yes. All three amps are available.
  4. one more question about the sa1000, do you still have the rack ears who came in the box?

  5. I have a set of the matching rack ears. Whether they came with the HPSA1000R or my Snell SPA-750 (same amp as the SA1000, different silkscreen) I don't remember. But I'd include them for the asking price.
  6. Ok, let me know what would be your final price shipped to NJ 07825, Marco
  7. To that address, $255.02. If interested, Marco, PM me for payment instructions.
  8. Man I regret selling my Outlaws M2200 amps. I should of kept them. Theses are excellent slim, quiet and run cool amps. If I had the money I would!

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