Fusion-10 MAX with woofer swap to Dayton 10" Pro Woofer

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  1. I am looking for a way to use two Dayton 10" Pro Woofers I currently have. A while back, I bought them on impulse. I couldn't even tell you what I thought I was going to do with them when I made the original purchase. Thus, please refrain from making other suggestions for woofers. I am mainly interested to know whether this would be a viable use of the woofers I already have. If not, and you think I should stick with the tried-and-true build, please feel free to suggest other applications in which I might be able to put these woofers to work.

    Here are the PE links for the two:
    Eminence Delta-10A
    Dayton Audio PA255-8 10" Pro Woofer

    I started looking at the T/S parameters, and to the somewhat uninitiated, the two look roughly comparable. I am looking for more-qualified opinions as to how the pair would sound if I swapped out the Eminence Delta-10 for the Dayton PA255-8.
    I would be using these as surrounds paired with larger WG kits for LCR.
  2. Well, I'm not really more qualified, but I see that it won't be a drop-in replacement. At the very least, you'll need to pad down the tweeter, since the 10A is about 4 dB more sensitive than the PA255
  3. I picked up a couple of those from the PE tent sale this year. I planned on doing something with them but who knows when I'll get around to that as I have a pile of other drivers I want to play around with too, it's a disease ;D
  4. Well, here it is one year later and I'm finally following up on the SEOS-10 wg's I bought months ago. I have a pair of the Dayton PA255-8 10" woofers running in a re-purposed pair of Klipsch KG-4.5 cabs (about 2.4 cu ft). I bought the SEOS10's because they will fit in those cabs.

    If I get a pair of PA-205 cd's and put them in the SEOS10's, is there any chance I can build a variation on the basic FUSION-10 design?

    Is the FUSION-10 crossover schematic available anywhere?

    Thanks all.

  5. Usually decent results are not achieved by just swapping drivers with the same crossover, the only time this works well is if the drivers have similar sensitivity, impedance curves and frequency responses.

    The PA255-8 is roughly 4 dB less sensitive then the Delta-10 used in the Fusion-10 and has a different frequency response as well, things will not line up with the CD correctly if the stock crossover was to be used. The crossover would almost need a complete overhaul at least on the woofer side, but I do think much of the CD network could be kept if the amount of padding could be increased by adjusting some resistor values.

    If I had a 10" box with the SEOS-10 cutout it is likely I would have designed a crossover for these already. I do have one for the 12" PA310-8 and DNA-205 in the SEOS-12 but that is not much use here.

    You can PM Tux and see if he will give you a copy of the Fusion-10 schematic, build it and tinker with the values to see if you can get something more appropriate out of it. However a measurement mic, impedance jig and some time with passive crossover design software (like Bill Waslo's new XSim) will yield far better results without needing to buy a stock load of crossover parts to play with.

  6. Will this design be posted or did I miss it? Was it a challenge to tame the woofer? I seem to recall that one having a few extra crossover components in the original econowave thread.


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