Fusion 10 Pure as LR channel and Fusion 8 Alchemy MTM as Center?

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by dels, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Hello everyone, this is my first foray into waveguides, and I'm pretty excited about what I'm reading regarding sensitivities, and the ability to work in tricky acoustic setups.

    I have a smallish wall to setup my viewing/listening area against, so I cannot fit a set of the same speakers across the front.

    I'm looking at the Fusion 10 Pure as my left/right speakers, but was wondering if I can get away with using the Fusion 8 Alchemy MTM as my center. What are the biggest issues with going this route?

    I do music and movies about 50/50.

  2. Hey dels,

    How about no center? A lot of people run phanton centers without issue. Horizontal MTMs often have polar response issues when laid sideways.
  3. Thanks for the response! So, if I end up with a phantom center, movies will be downmixed at my receiver to allow for the missing speaker? Or, are most using a 2.1 config?
  4. I just sends the info split to the left and right afaik. There's a lot of info on it on AVS with respect to these kits. People are having good results. Some still prefer to have a center for the additional output though. If you don't listen at 0db reference, the Pures can do it no problem.
  5. I've been wondering the same thing about the Fusion 8 Alchemy MTM centers. Or if I feel I do need a center, would something like a [SIZE=small]J[/SIZE][SIZE=small]BL LC2 4-Way work with these? I would love to get something behind an AT screen.[/SIZE]
  6. If you're using an AT screen, why not just use 3 Fusion 10's for the front stage and eliminate any possible issues completely?

    Edit: I just realized you probably intend to run the Fusion-8 MTM vertically. I was assuming horizontal, where it's wider than the Fusion-10 which caused my confusion. Although that makes me wonder if you've considered doing 3 of the MTM across the front for a matching set.
  7. woops... double post
  8. Ah, I should have specified, I might only have a couple inches of space to work with behind the AT screen. Ideally yet, 3 Fusion 10's would be great!

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