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  1. Check your e-mail I also sent pictures to give you an idea exactly what the room looks like. The room is approx. 1800 cu.ft. Image 4 and 5 show where the MLP is image 1 and 2 show the left and right Klipsch RP160M's along with image 2 which shows the RP250C center. The TV and the center are off but considering the way the room is no choice. The distance from the MLP to the TV is 12-13ft. Images one and 2 show the current location of the RP160M's whatever I get next will take their place and the RP160M's will move approx 3-4ft above current location ( according to Yamaha ) a front presence location. Would love to replace all three but the budget will not allow that. I could sell the RP250C but there is no way I am going to break even. So for right now replace the RP160M's with something? move the RP160M's use the center unless you have a wonderful idea and I can get everything for 600 or less.

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  2. Any idea when flat packs will be in stock on this?
  3. Anyone know when this kit would be available again ?
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    Fusion 10 Pure. Version 1, 2014. w/12" SEOS waveguide in high gloss (not satin)

    Stands are 18" tall VTI. For perspective the TV is 47". Sub is 12" Klipsch RW-12d. The grills are modified to fit from the Klipsch RW-12d

    Fusion 10 Pures and Dayton Audio UA721 center.JPG IMG_4450.JPG IMG_4451.JPG IMG_4449.JPG IMG_3677.JPG
  5. I'm strongly leaning toward the Pure 10s to go with an alchemy 8 cc. I do listen to a lot of music though and am a little hesitant about the 55hz bottom end. Could anyone tell me if resizing the cab would move that down into the 40-45 range? I read the graphs Tux posted on the first page and saw the port resonance, I was hoping maybe a little bump in size, maybe 50l and a little less aggressive tune might get around that?
    I'm pushing the waf factor with these, but might consider the sentinel 12 build if this isn't practical.
  6. I meant Tempest 12, oops
  7. MrMky the Fusion 10's were designed to be used with a sub. They don't dig deep but they were not designed that way. They have a clean uncolored midrange that will thump your chest when used with a 15" sealed sub. I have thought myself about building the Fusion 8 MTM and I think you will find a nice timbre match as both use the DNA-205.

    I've not heard the Tempest 12 but I believe it was designed to be more full range so you might not need a sub.

    Everybody needs a sub. :)

    The Tempest 12 uses a DNA-360 compression driver and still timbre matches perfectly to the DNA-205. I have A/B'd both side-by-side with a 12" SEOS. I think the 360 has better power handling and the sound is virtually identical. You lose nothing with the DNA-205, it is a sweet sounding CD.

    I think you can get the F10 for $300 and the F12 for $400 per speaker. Get the flat pack, highly recommended. If you don't mind the extra 21 bucks per speaker, get the pre-made crossover as well.
  8. I see the Fusion 10 kit is now missing its speakers on the DIYSoundGroup website. Possibly because they are phasing out the model, ran out of stock, and don't want to purchase extra speakers.

    I want to put in FaitalPro 10HP1020 woofers instead of the recommended Eminence speaker, and a better compression driver (Denovo360).

    Those are both more expensive drivers and would presumably give me an upgrade, if they worked well together. This is my first DIY speaker and I want it to be my last, so I don't really want to try to save money on critical parts like that.

    I'd appreciate everyone's input on whether those two will work well together in the Fusion 10 enclosure and whether it would be a pain in the ass to commission a crossover to be designed for that.

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  10. Dave,

    Thanks for the tips. I bought the HTM-10 kits.

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