Fusion-12 Tempest build questions:

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  1. Hello.

    Before I buy the Fusion-12 Tempest kit for a LCR setup I wanted to ask the following questions:
    I can only build cabinets and assemble so I was going to order a pre assembled XO as well.
    They are meant to be used in a bafflewall as LCR.

    * Are these designs "free standing"?
    * Would it be problematic for the respons to mount it inside a bafflewall? (I'm building a bafflewall with AT screen)
    * Should I go sealed or ported given it will be inside a bafflewall?
    * If sealed, can the pre assambled XO be used still?
    * If sealed, what volume of the cabinet?
    * I'm limited in depth. How shallow can the Tempest be built? I'd like to stay below 8-12 inches.
    * When inside a bafflewall I suppose the speaker box itself does not have to adhere to a certain width? All I need to make sure is, that the waveguide is at a certain distance from the driver?
    * Considering the 3 Tempest, any suggestions for 4 surround speakers? Depth limited again, would prefer depth below 7.5 inches.

    These are my newbie questions, there's probably alot I havent even considered so feel free to give suggestions:)
  2. Baffle step compensation (in the XO) dictates the baffle dimensions and how close you should put the speaker near boundries. Unless specifically designed so, I wouldn't use a design not ment for in wall, in wall. This alone might stop your plans. Talk to the designer first before potentially wasting non-inwall designs in wall.

    You should be able to seal (calculate a new QTC of ~ 0.7-0.6 for new internal volume). Take away volume from the depth (8-10 is would be fine, pending the first comment) and the removal of the port section. Don't touch the baffle width, tweeter-woofer spacing and location relative to the top edge.

  3. How do one actually get a hold of the designer? looks like Jeff Bagby did the Fusion ones that I am looking at:)

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