Fusion 15 in custom cabinet

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  1. I ordered a set of Fusion 15. Although they have not shipped yet, I am beginning on alternate cabinet ideas.
    Ive built MTM towers center and surround and a dual 10 sub cabinet years ago so I am not wanting a sub with this setup.

    With some input from mtg90 I am building a larger 5 cf box with 3-4inch ports to allow for a little experimenting and tuning. Trapazoid.
    I have two ideas. One with waveguide mounted exterior on top of cab, second internal.
    Starting with a mock up of the external option. Calculating box vol was a challenge but I think I have it. Broke the box up into a trapezoid and wedge to figure.
    Im close to 5.7 without any deduction of driver and bracing. Just thought I would show my process and see if anyone sees serious issues. Cabinet will be all mdf. Double layer front and back. Just using scrap boards to get the shape figured then will rebuild a test cabinet.
    This setup is for a basement rec room. Not a serious listening room. Its wide open 19x40.


  2. Baffle and bracing

    I like double baffle 1.5" in the front. I'm not sure what gain by a double baffle in the rear, except more weight.

    Do you have any plans for internal bracing?

    The trapezoid design looks cool and should help with standing waves. What is up with the back tilted front? I would think that would cause some problems with the drivers not being time aligned.
  3. Yes on bracing after I fully commit to cabinet design. I plan on mocking up a couple ideas first.
    Back tilted front? The front baffle will be straight up. Might just be the camera angle if that's what you mean.
    So you think there isn't a gain in a double layer back? I could omit that.
  4. I think you are right, it's just my viewing angle.

    Regarding the double sized back, you might want to run that by the speaker designers like Erich or Tux. If it added some stiffness to the enclosure then you might be able to justify it, but since you are adding bracing it may be more weight with no real acoustic advantage.

    My Fusion 10 flat pack kit it is 3/4" all around with great internal bracing, then the front gets an additional 3/4" CNC cut baffle for a very strong front end of 1.5 inches.

    I saw on AVS someone had some advice on enclosure volume. You might want to define your goals (loud, mid-range punch, etc) and figure out exactly what internal volume you will need.

    Cool looking project. I wish I had woodworking skills. 8)
  5. image.jpeg image.jpeg A little update.
    House projects delayed the speaker build but getting back into it now.
    Made one rough mock up of trapezoid cabinet
    Also slapped together the standard cabinet.
    Bit of crossover help from Matt and idea changes I'm ready to build real cabinets.
    More to come.
  6. Finally done.
    Thanks a ton to Matt and his help.

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  7. Sound is amazing

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  8. My quest was to relive my late 80's big speaker stereo setup using no sub.
    Over the years I just didn't have the space to even think about this. Got caught up in the usual tiny speaker with sub syndrome. Now we have an open finished basement and after too much thinking and research I dove into the fusion 15. Went big with cabinet to get big full range with no sub.
    Always been a fan of horns going back to klipch hearesys and cornwalls.
    My fusion 15's are amazing! After tons of help from Matt with the mock up builds I have achieved more that I wanted. The speakers sound beautiful.
    Made me realize how over the years making compromises to music sources has corrupted my ears.
    I'm now working on full range Volt 10's for living room.
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