Fusion-15 v2 Info and Assembly Tips Thread

Discussion in 'Legacy Speaker Designs' started by Matt Grant, Dec 28, 2014.

  1. Perfect! Thank you.

    Glue slinging: INITIATED!
  2. If you wanted to make 2 slot ports, on the top and bottom, what size would they be? 1x16x5 each?
  3. It may have to be slightly shorter, the thinner you make the port or rather the higher the aspect ratio the more surface drag from the walls of the port. Two 1" x 16" ports have almost twice the internal port wall surface area as a single 2" x 16" This will have the effect of slightly slowing air flow through the port which leads to a lower tuning for a given port length but also reduces port output to some degree.
  4. Are there PCB's available for the Fusion 15 crossover?
  5. Hi,
    I just ordered 3 F-15s. I just have a question about lining the speaker cabinets.
    The UltraTouch Denim is a little difficult to come by. Is there any downside to using
    open cell foams / memory foam mattress topper / or Roxul Unfaced Rock Wool insulation?
    Any order of preferences out of the above choices? Same thickness of insulation for all
    of the above choices?

    Thank you
  6. Rockwool would be the most effective of those, if you are not opposed to using it regular fiberglass would work as well.

    I do have crossover circuit boards for the Fusion-15's.
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    Thank you Matt,

    I just bought those boards from you (AVS Forum.) They should be arriving this weekend or Monday. F-15s will be
    here 4/25. Very exciting.

    *** Actually the boards arrived. Thank you again.

  8. Hi, hopefully I'm writing this in the correct spot. I can't believe there are so few recent posts to this thread! I'm also very confused about all the sites and forums that seem to be related to each other :-/

    Anyway, I'm very interested in building Fusion-15s. To be honest, the primary reason for this choice is form factor; I want to build something in the style of the old radiograms, ie speakers and a turntable and amp built into one cabinet. It would only be for playing music, and would not have a sub.

    Here are my questions - some of them may need to be directed elsewhere:

    - The boxes would be fixed in the same plane. Is this a big issue?

    - The speaker boxes could be up to 700 or 800mm high; up to maybe 500mm deep, and probably the standard width. Would these dimensions work with extra porting to tune the box suitably for music reproduction? I'm not fussed about pumping out super-low bass.

    - Can the kits be shipped to Australia, and without the baffles?

    - Matt, can you still assemble these crossovers? Or do you think I should have a crack myself? My electronics knowledge is sadly lacking, but I can follow instructions..

  9. @Matt Grant what would you say min listening distance is in a well treated recording studio room?
  10. Assuming the speakers are elevated so that ear level is between the bottom of the waveguide and the top of the woofer you could probably get as close as 4-5ft or so.
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    @Matt Grant I'd love to get your opinion on something...

    I am currently using Fusion-15s as LR and love them. I am trying to figure out the best solution for a horizontal center with a maximum height of 13".

    The best options that I know of with my constraints are the 1099 center and the upcoming HTM-1010 center with the square waveguide. The HTM-1010 would appear to be the best solution at first glance since it would probably timbre match better, but I am extremely close (80") to my center so off-axis response is quite important in this case. For that reason, I am thinking maybe the 1099 center would be a better choice?

    What would you go with in this situation?
  12. How wide is the listening area, if only 2-3 seats across a couch or something you might be ok with the HTM-1010. If any wider then that then I agree the 1099 would be a better choice with it's wider horizontal coverage.
  13. The outside seats are about 20 degrees off-center.
  14. @Matt Grant I think I saw you post that the HTM-1010 was best suited for +/- 15 degrees max. Given my ~20 degree angle at the outside seats, would you go with a HTM-1010 or 1099 center?
  15. Sorry I missed your reply, in your case it would probably be beneficial to go with the 1099's for a center channel over the HTM-1010.
  16. Matt,

    An associate’s husband plays in a salsa band and want a pair of PAs for live shows. I think these would be perfect. If the Fusion 15 is NLA is there anyway I could buy a pair of crossover boards from you with a schematic of the crossover?
  17. At some point the Fusion-15 will be back. The Fusions weren't ordered very often and once the HTM's came out they almost never got ordered. I took them down an figured at some point they would get redone as larger full range style speakers. I do still have all of the parts for the Fusion-15, just no precut front baffles left.
  18. Matt and Erich,

    Do either of you have Seos 15s and crossover parts leftover from the F15?

    Going to do a scratch build of 4 of them,m if I can get the waveguide. I have 4 360s and will order 2515s (assuming there were the DL II version)

    Here’s a question, how would this design look with a Kappalite 3015 (or 3015LF) Would the 3015 outrun the 360 and be a waste of 50$? I’d go for the 4.5 cuft enclosure with three 4” ports if I did the stock 2515.

    Most likely Ill do the 2515. Just need the Seos and optionally the X over.
  19. Kappalite won't work. I'll check my stock of parts but I might only have the 15" Deltalite.
  20. Thanks, hoping theres some Seos 15s available.

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