Fusion 8 Alchemy

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  1. Just finished assembling these little singers and was asked to share my thoughts.
    Fast shipping.
    Flatpacks are very precise. Only way to go.
    Packaging was first rate.
    Assembly was a breeze. The crossovers presented a bit of a challenge. I stared at the schematic for a good bit before I realized the simplicity of these crossovers. Then it was on and I had them both assembled in under an hour. For a novice at soldering, I would recommend getting the pre-assembled crossovers.
    To be brief, these babies really sing. I mean REALLY SING. I have a set of B&W 602's and a set of JBL 4406's to compare the Fusion 8's to (powered by a Marantz SR 6010). The Fusion 8's stand head and shoulders above the B&W's and JBL's. I'm still breaking them in but have played 24bit flac - everything from Lady Gaga to Gordon Lightfoot (Spirit, Steely Dan, Harry Nilsson) all high quality recordings. The efficiency of the Fusion 8's was immediately apparent. At -20 (reference), they sound as sweet as they are mellow. The B&W's would be at -12 to get the same db reading - but sound muffled compared to the Fusion 8's.
    I have yet to try them with my surround but will reserve that for another day. My opinion right now, is that I will never buy another name brand or pre-assembled speaker - these things are that good.
  2. I agree with you, I put my Maximus 12LXEs up against my Kef 105.2s with the result of NO comparison. I cant wait to purchase and build some Volt 8s or 10s for surrounds.

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