Fusion-8 tower plus center

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  1. I very recently finished my first set of DIY speakers... I am not an emotional man, but I cried a little when I listened to them. I feel I wasted 46 years of my life listening to poor quality speakers. I chopped off the bottoms of the included baffles and changed the round overs to chamfers. I made the cabinets a bit taller and blocked off the bottom of the inside to match volume.

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  2. Does the crossover change since you have an extra woofer?
  3. These were the dual woofer 'tower' kits, found here:


    I also made the center kit, here:


    All crossover parts were included, makes it all pretty easy.

    Of note, I did not use the flat pack for any of these because I was changing the overall cabinet look. If I were to make these the standard size, I would have definitely enjoyed using the flat packs. They sound fantastic to me.

    I didn't directly answer your question, but it should be sufficient.

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