Fusion Series - Distance to the listener.

Discussion in 'Room Set Up, Audio Theory, and Measurements' started by maxheidrich, Sep 23, 2015.

  1. So I am having to downsize my theatre with a move home. I will not be in a 9x13 bedroom, and projecting an image against the long wall. My listener’s ear will be 8.5-8 feet from the wall so the speakers (depending on the depth) will even less than that.

    I had and Overnight sensation surround set up but I sold those to my brother so I could build something new. My first thought was the fusion 4 because they can be situated near wall, and I don't need great efficiency in a room this small, but I was looking at other options.
    Would other members of the fusion line have issues with either:
    A. Being too close to the wall/corner?

    B. Being too close to the listener?
  2. In both the cases the sound will not be clear either you set them near the wall or near the listener. you have to set them at a appropriate distance so that the echoes from wall will not effect the sound quality listened by the listener. There are some formula based on the area and power using them you can set them at suitable position.

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