Fusion4, Quad4

Discussion in 'Home Theater Speaker Kit Information' started by andya, Sep 20, 2014.

  1. Anyone build, or listened to theFusion4, Quad4 speakers? There is something about the idea of them, and looks, that I really like. Not to mention I have little space left on my floor in my mid sized "music" room. Saw a picture of them wall mounted as L, R, C and they really looked sharp. Congrats to whoever did such great finishing work!

    I know listening, and how anything sounds is very subjective, but I'm in need of whatever info I can get. I've built three Tri Trix (mostly for my adult children) and have always been blown away by the quality of the sound given the size of the speakers They just don't look like they could do that...but they do it quite well. Thought (was hoping) that some of that might have carried over to the Fusion4s.

    I appreciate what ever you have to offer.

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