Got a name, just need a speaker for it.

Discussion in 'DIY Speakers and Subwoofers' started by BillWaslo, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. I think I want to design a speaker and name it the "Carrwyn". It should have a lot of cheap drivers and ports, each labelled, and a graph on the baffle. Erich, can your cnc guys work with cardboard?
  2. WTF.

    Bill, someone hacked into your account.
  3. Google it. Along with the word "chariot "
  4. Still have no idea where this is comming from.

    Google tuned up:

    Cynan Garwyn, King of Powys
    The son of
    King Brochfael Ysgythrog and Arddyn Benasgel, the daughter of King Pabo Post Prydain of the Pennines, and St. Tysilio's elder brother. This late 6th century King of Powys apparently had very white legs, hence his name of White-Shanks. Though, the epithet may be a mistaken rendering of "Carrwyn," of the White-Chariot. His horse, 'Du Hir Tynnedig' (Tall Black-Tinted One), is named as one of the three chief steeds of Britain.

    Also Carwyn Jones the current first Minister of Wales, and a WoW character???

  5. "of the white chariot ". Still don't follow?
    Think of this chariot in the parking lot of some big store. Driver says "hey buddy can you help me out...?"
  6. Can a mod please ban this joker :eek:

    I have no idea what you're talking about Bill. But I'm laughing to myself trying to figure it out. Especially intrigued why you want to CNC cardboard ???
  7. How...random. :eek: Presumably he's referring to the super cheapo "white van" speakers. White van = white chariot, hurr hurr mirite?
  8. you got it. There weren't a lot of vans in the olden days when classy names were around. I was trying to find how to say white van In Latin (during a dull moment at work) and ran into that name.... Idle hands and all that....
  9. Ah, makes much more sense now. I was really lost there. Sounds like it'll be an excellent performer ;)
  10. Haha, It should also be 3-4way with all the woofers running full range and a single cap on the tweeter. ;)

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