Help picking a subwoofer to build

Discussion in 'General Topics' started by Brian L, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. I just finished building my LCR HT-8 speakers and put them in place over the weekend. I love them so far. The hardest time I had was getting an acceptable paint finish even though these will hopefully live behind an AT screen in the future.

    I've read about Marty and various other huge ported subs, but I'm leaning toward the 4 cu ft sealed enclosure with a UM-18 instead. I notice DIYSG has a UM-18 flatpack and it appears Parts Express also has the same flatpack bundled with the UM-18 woofer.

    I'm coming from a small 8-inch Definitive Tech powered sub, so just about anything will be a huge improvement.

    I have one channel left on my iNUKE NU3000DSP and hoped to drive the sub with it. Are there any considerations I might be missing as I pursue building one or two 18-inch subs?

  2. The curious thing about a subwoofer is that the shape doesn't matter, just internal volume and the ports specs. I have a pair of 9 cuft subs that are as shallow as my HTM-12s.

    All things considered, 4 more modest subwoofers in 4 corners of a room will give you a smoother response than two bigger ones. Two big ones will give you a better response than one beast.

    Does that information open up any more interesting possibilities with what you can do?

    My first two speakers I tried to veneer, before just giving it my all to make a perfect painted finish. The next few I was less careful. Towards the end it was more along the lines of "kinda dark is fine".

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