Here's "Daniel", a good inexpensive SEOS project

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  1. Was this project ever finished? How did it turn out?

  2. Erich sent me 6 baffles cutout for the Daniels and I'm thinking of building a couple of them this weekend. My biggest hurdle is the shape of the box and whether I should keep the 19" front or trim it down to 16 so it aesthetically looks more traditional.

    My current dimensions are: 16.2H x 14.5W x 16D

    The depth with this is pretty deep, but I've seen many commercial offerings do the same thing. These will be used as satellites in my home theater and other thank sticking out a bit from the wall, I don't think depth is an issue. If I use the baffle as is the dimensions are 19H x 14.5W x 13.65D.

    Anyone have any preferences and why?
  3. Always reduce depth when you can (even if it means adding width/height), unless you will surround the speakers with absorption. Cuts down on 1/4-wave suckouts. In-wall is, of couse, optimal.

  4. Hi, just saw your response... I started a new RF engineering contract in April and spent the summer much busier than expected, so I didn't get to devote as much time to my 2x2 Daniels (or any other projects) as I would have liked, but the project is ongoing, and soon-to-be-done. I'm hoping to have the 3 front speakers done by next week (I missed getting to hear the Breaking Bad finale through them, so my new goal is the first episode of the Walking Dead ;) ), while the back ones will a little later because one sustained some damage while it was sitting in my garage... But my back speakers are, functionally, the same as bwaslo's Mini-Elliptical+NS6 ported tower, so not very exciting anyway.

    I'll post some new pictures soon, and when they're hooked out can get a rough idea of their FR with my IMM-6.
  5. I am planning a 7-BigMal upgrade for LCRS.....hopefully will be done this Fall.

  6. Bill,

    I seem to always get confused, but the down arrows on your schematics mean to connect to the negative?

  7. The arrow represent the common connection and is used to simplify the drawing. It is indeed connected to the negative terminal.
  8. The negative of the AMP, that is! Note that the tweeter's POSITIVE (red) terminal connects to the ground (Amplifier's negative).
    (Just so I don't start another screwed-up polarity disaster!)
  9. Thanks guys. I have my first 1.6 cu.ft. box built, but need to get a couple things from the local store before I can put it together and test it.

    I have now done 2 of Bill's designs. SEOS/TD12M and Daniel's.

    Bill I did see the reverse polarity in the schematic. I tested the crossover in open air and it sounded quite good, so I'm excited to test the completed speaker. It's bigger than I expected.
  10. Progress...a 7 channel Big Mal theater upgrade in progress.


    I do have to say the BigMal sounds very good with a brief first impression. I hooked one up without stuffing for a few minutes and was blown away by the HF of the SEOS, and the amount of LF the Aura NS6 is capable of without any EQ.

    I am not used to that much brightness in a speaker, as I have been running line arrays for 5 years, I have gotten used to the 3dB/octave rolloff they had...

    THANK YOU Bill, for the design, it fit my needs perfectly (less than 7.5" depth speaker)...

    And with Eight 15" subs for the LF support:


    Erich's flatpacks made building these much easier than I thought it would be. This is not their final location, I only put them there to vacuum the room after drilling the holes for the binding posts.

  11. Wow.. .That's an insane setup. You must have bought a boat load of NS6 drivers. :D
  12. I got a lot of them before they went NLA, based on coctostan's and bwaslo's advice, as I was depth limited for my setup....I believe there is a more expensive but capable alternate driver out there, but it will prob require a crossover mod to work.

  13. Well after having the 7 BigMals running for the past several months, I have to say they are a great success. The only thing that is bothersome is that they are TOO GOOD. They reveal the smallest bits of clipping on any track, with their HF response. I came from line arrays, which roll off the highs more than these. Believe it or not, with room gain, the LCRs reach to 40Hz in room, but I cross them at 90Hz for excursion protection. They can play at reference, but begin to sound strained, so I playback at -7dBRef, or ATSC reference for my size room (~2000cuft)

    For the price, they are terrific speakers. Thanks bwaslo and Erich! I still have a few NS6s, I may make a set for outdoor use.

  14. Glad it's going well. JSS. I wish I could hear them, I think you have the only ones that were ever built.

    I'd hold onto spare NS6s, just in case you ever need a replacement. I have 4 put aside for backups, and a small supply for testing speaker ideas.
  15. Great stuff Bill.


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