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    First, let me say I'm a huge fan of what Erich (and Matt) have achieved with the lineup of speakers on DIYSG. If supply of parts were not a problem, I would be a happy customer (probably even just buy the HT12) and not even bother posting this...
    But, the world being what it is...

    I'm setting up a modest home theater around a few existing pieces.

    I have a pair of Klipsch Tangent 5000 mains. (Similar to the Forte; three-way with Klipsch heritage CD-horn designs in M/T with 12" woofer and a matching PR.) High efficiency that I'll never use all of--advertised 99db/W.

    I'm surprised at how well these work without a center channel in my room. This isn't a high priority build.

    But I'm itching to upgrade things, and I know I'd be a moron to add better surround/height options without filling in the front soundstage. (Pretty satisfied with the bass currently, using the Klipsches in the corner of the room and bass shakers for sub-bass.)

    I'm using an OLED tv right now; I may hang another projector someday, but TBH I'm far more interested in good HDR than the immersion of a large screen. That means placing the center below my TV, as close as possible. I am planning to build a cabinet/baffle wall around the TV and center channel.
    This means: compact vertical space to the acoustic center, crossover design options for flush-mounting, wide coverage pattern especially in the midrange.

    I would be satisfied making a center with Klipsch-esque design; parts are available but most tested designs I can find are well outside of my budget. ($200-$400 crossovers don't make much sense on speakers that will mostly play TV theme songs for my kids.)

    So... I've been looking closely at econowaves, π, and SEOS designs.

    Looking at DIYSG, I'm compelled by the SEOS designs, especially the level of performance for the price and the emphasis on compact efficient designs.

    HT10 would be perfect, I think. I could probably be satisfied with the HT8, and while I think the HT12 is probably too big/won't be a good value compared to other upgrades I could make, I would go with it if it were the only option.

    Two hitches:
    I don't want to buy a spare speaker,
    The more popular SEOS designs aren't even in stock, much less the HT10. (Are they discontinued?)

    I saw a reference to a "HT88" in one of Matt's posts, is there an announcement somewhere about this design? (If it's a few months out, I can wait, but if there's a part list somewhere I'd also be happy to scrounge or substitute...)

    Any less-well-known comparable builds with better-available parts, ideally 10" or dual-8"+modern wide-pattern waveguide? (A compact Econowave is my backup, haven't picked a specific build but many appear suitable.)
  2. I see no responses. People must be on other forums? I am looking to build a center channel too. I've been eyeballing KEF and James retail options but it seems anything with high efficiency and power handling won't meet my physical constrains (mantle mount type weight/size). I will keep my ear to the ground for you. For me it's less of a money constraint. I need 95dB sensitivity that can handle 200-300W, weigh under 35 lbs with a soundbar shape, and play down to 80 Hz.

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