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    General Information:
    While the HT-10 is not the largest in the HT series, it still has the output and power to fill large rooms. The Eminence made 10" woofer puts out a good amount of midbass but retains it's smooth frequency response and power handling. The Celestion compression driver stays surprisingly smooth and detailed even at high output levels for a very well balanced sound. The SEOS-12 waveguide has excellent directivity control for a very wide "sweet spot" so everyone hears the same thing without any significant changes in sound no matter where they sit in the room.

    These can be used flat up against your wall, toed in towards your listening position, or in a baffle wall.
    The HT-10 must be used with a subwoofer for music or home theater applications.
    For home theater use we recommend using at least two powerful 15" subwoofers.
    Timbre matched to all HT and Volt models for seamless integration.
    Seating distance from speaker: 8 feet or more.

    Parts Included Per Speaker Kit:
    1- Denovo Audio 10" woofer made by Eminence
    1- Denovo Audio compression driver made by Celestion
    1- SEOS-12™ waveguide
    2- Ports
    1- 3/4" thick MDF front panel with no roundovers on the edges
    1- Set of crossover components
    4- #8 black pan head screws for the waveguide
    8- #8 black pan head screws for the woofers
    2- Nuts and bolts to connect the compression driver to the waveguide
    2- Quick connect spade terminals to wire up the compression driver
    1- Strip of gasket material to install on the back side of the waveguide

    1- Circuit board to install the crossover parts on. Includes board terminals and plastic stands offs.
    1- Ultralight MDF flat pack speaker cabinet.

    Assembly Notes and Suggestions:
    • The ports need to be cut down to 3" long. Measure from the very front of the port towards the back and mark it at 3". Wrap some masking tape around the port at your 3" marks so you can easily see where to cut.
    • Test fit the woofer, tweeter, and ports prior to assembly just to be sure they fit okay.
    • Remember to mark and predrill all screw holes before installing them. I usually use a 7/64" or 1/8" bit for the #8 screws.
    • When tightening down the screws, always use your free hand to cover and protect the woofer surround directly next to the screw you're installing. If the screwdriver slips, it won't damage your woofer.
    • Very Important: Inductors are the crossover parts that look like small rolls of wire. Notice that the two ends of wire are silver and have been 'tinned' with solder. Those silver parts are what you should be soldering to, so don't cut them off to get to the copper colored portion.
    • Wiring up the speakers correctly is very important. Be sure that you're wiring positives to positives (or red to red) and negatives to negatives (or black to black).
  2. Assembly Photos
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    Common Questions:

    Can I use the HT-8 as a center channel with the HT-10?
    Answer- Yes, all of the HT models are timbre matched and can be used together.

    Can I lay the HT-10 on it's side for a center channel.
    Answer- This is not recommended. If you need a shorter speaker for the center channel, you might consider the HT-8 or the upcoming HT-88 which should be here in the first part of 2021.

    Is the compression driver the standard CDX1-1445?
    Answer- The HT-10 compression driver is an OEM version of the 1445 and does not have the same response as the standard model.

    Can I order replacement parts in the future if needed?
    Answer- Yes. We keep a decent number of replacement parts just like any other speaker manufacturer. It would be very rare to need a replacement part due to a manufacturer defect but we have sent out replacement woofers due to pets or children pushing in woofer dust caps or other types of damage.
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    Completed Speaker Photos

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