HT-12+ Upgrade Crossover

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If you are interesed in the upgrade crossover which option would you like:

  1. $70 Fully assembled HT-12+ crossover.

  2. $55 Fully assembled HT-12+ crossover - discount for HT-12 unassembled parts sent in.

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  3. $12 Each HT-12+ bare crossover circuit board only ($10 each if buying 2+)

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    Creating a separate thread for this as not the clutter the main HTM/HT thread.

    I've designed and tested an optional upgrade crossover for the HT-12. The original crossover was designed to be value oriented with minimal number of parts for easy assembly and use a crossover board that could be shared between all three HT designs. This upgraded crossover takes it from 8 to 19 components and makes for major improvements to the frequency response of the HT-12 resulting in a sizable increase in the sound quality and detail especially in the upper midrange and treble.

    I've created a poll to get an idea for the demand of each option before I order the crossover PCBs or start ordering parts.

    There are three options available,
    1) - Fully assembled boards for $70 each + shipping.

    2) - Fully assembled boards for $55 each + shipping. Discount price if you have an assembled kit and you send in the current crossover parts.

    3) - Just the bare PCB with parts list for $12 each ($10 each 2+ shipping included so that you can purchase the parts yourself and if you feel adventurous remove the three components from the original crossover which are also used on the new crossover.

    Measurements of the HT-12 with the new crossover:

    Measurements taken outdoors at 2m, 14ms gate, 1/48th octave smoothing, SPL scaled to 2.83v/1m level. Blended to diffraction adjusted nearfield LF response below 200hz.

    HT-12+ CTA-2034-A Data
    HT-12+ Full Polar Data

    Link to the full set of measurements for this design.

    Comparison to the normal HT-12 Crossover (ignore the difference below 200hz, different measurement methods):
    HT-12+ Ultra sim SPL vs. HT-12.png
  2. I would be game for the blank board plus parts if possible for self assembly. Does the upgraded xover use some pieces from the original?
  3. There are three parts which are shared between the original design and the upgraded crossover, the 3.0mH inductor, and the 15 and 17uF NPE caps.

    It would be $50 + shipping for the bare PCB & crossover parts if you wanted that option. $45 each + shipping if you do not need the three components that are shared between this design on the original.
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  4. Ideally I'd like 3 completed boards :)
  5. I just ordered the PCBs for these so I expect it will be a couple weeks before those come in. I'll be sure to post here when those boards do come in.
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  6. Boards arrived earlier then I expected. I still need to grab some photos but I've got a few sets of parts here and could start taking orders for them.
  7. I would like to order two
  8. I've sent you a PM.
  9. I would like to order 3 please :)
  10. Got an extra shipment of parts in and am now starting to assemble a few of these. Here is a quick photo of the assembled crossover:
    HT-12+ Crossover.jpg
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