HT-12 vs Fusion 15 in a larger enclosure

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  1. Hey all, I am interested in building a pair of DIYSG two-way waveguide speakers for mixed music/HT use. I would like to build them in a larger enclosure to boost low range performance and an looking for opinions on which speaker kit, and I guess woofer more specifically, would perform better in such a design. Ideas on the HT-12 vs Fusion 15 kits in a larger enclosure? I have seen the suggestions by Matt on the ideal size for each if going for a larger cab, but which do you expect will perform better? Also, anyone out there who has built either with a larger enclosure that can report on their performance?
  2. Fusion-15 wins in output just from it's greater displacement capability. I know a few on AVS forum have built them in larger tower enclosures with good results. I don't know if anyone had tried a larger enclosure for the HT-12 yet. The HT-12 won't require as large a volume as the Fusion-15 to reach the same f3 but it does start to run out of xmax much quicker if used fullrange in large boxes.
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  3. Perfect, just what I was looking for. Thanks for the input.

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