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  1. I bought a pair of HT-8's after wanting to build one of the kits for years. I was lucky I was able to grab a pair earlier this month when they were in stock for a day. As everyone says, Erich's packing was excellent. Learning to solder was fun, although I had to do two rounds to get it right, and once I figured out how to properly use the multimeter to verify they worked everything was ok.

    Assembly of the cabinets was fairly smooth, used some house paint on them to match our decor. The cabinets were stuffed with foam, and the one modification I made was adding small holes on the baffle to drop some magnets into. These aren't installed yet, have to build out the speaker grills next so that my toddler has a harder time destroying them.

    After assembly I was delighted with initial impressions listening to some music. Felt like I was in the room listening to bands like the Beatles and Foxygen. Electronic artists Plaid and Jon Hopkins had a wonderful sense of space with these. I can't wait to test these out on a movie.

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  2. Did you reflow that first board? Lots of cold solder joints on it. The other one looks perfect.
  3. Yeah, that was a before and after shot. Both boards are full of perfect volcano’s now. Just wanted to show the journey!

    Finally finished the grills.

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  4. The HT's aren't the prettiest form factor, but your build looks great with the grill!
  5. I used the Ocean Blue 1” soundproofing foam panels from Amazon to line my cabinet. I left gaps for the ports, but there is foam on the inner walls and back wall in the woofer compartment. The frequency’s from the woofer appear to be quieter and a little muffled compared to the compression driver. To get the balance relatively flat, I have to eq the bass up by 5dB and turn down my subwoofer.

    I’m wondering if this is a symptom of too much lining in the cabinet? I don’t think it’s null issue as my other speakers have a strong low to mid bass response.

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