HT setup, Fusion 15 / 1299/ 1099 + Mixing Volt 6 /10 for surrounds

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  1. Hi, I've been reading many threads about some of the DIY speakers and it's made me go down a rabbit hole of confusion. I'm hoping some of the more experienced can help me find the appropriate speakers for my room and listening type.

    ROOM Dimensions:

    18' deep
    15.5' wide
    10' Ceiling

    *Room Notes*
    1. Large entry way on left side, 4' in size. Can be closed with Pocket Doors for a sealed room.
    2. I will have a 4 person HT seating in this room with reclining ability on all seats. The seats are curved. Pailliser Playback seats in Loveseat + 2 curved corner seats.
    3. 150" 16:9 Projector Screen at front. I am using the LG UST projector and may be placed on floor or ceiling. Depending on space needed for center channel may go to ceiling.

    1. This is a dedicated media/ HT room and I plan on having a 7.4.4 Atmos setup with 2.4 channel for music? It will be 80-90% Movies/Tv/Video Games
    and rest Music. Main reason is I am sensitive to ear fatigue and would listen to more music if my ears did not get tired.

    2. Need a large imaging space since corner seats will be at end of walls and want to make sure they get a good sound as well. That is very important to me. I have Magnepan MMG's which I love but they're imaging is to narrow.


    SUBS - Planning on 4 15" Dayton Ultramax in Flatpack 3cuft kit. I will probably start with 2 and then add more as budget allows if needed. I've seen THT and Marty cube's and those seem like options also.

    LCR :
    Dual Fusion 15's with 88 Special - These seem to be considered good music and HT speakers with plenty of low end , mid, and large imaging.
    3 1099's with one is Horizontal, L/R ported
    3 1299's, one in Horizontal sealed box. L/R ported?

    1. 8 Volt 6 LX - Two in angled form for REAR surrounds, two ported boxes for Surrounds, and 4 in Atmos box?
    2. 6 Volt 10 LX, 2 Volt 6 LX - Two angled boxes for REAR Surrounds, 2 Volt 6 for Surrounds, and 4 IB in celing with no boxes.

    Option 2 here is what I have right now and the main reason is I cannot put a volt 10LX as a surround with my theater seating furniture. Volt 10 LX ported or Atmos box would give me 2.5-3' of space between the listeners ear on the end seats. I can't imagine that would be a good idea. Plenty of room for REAR and Celing versions though. I decided maybe I can do a Volt 6, but maybe I don't need to do volt 10's at all except as IB speakers?

    Favorite Speakers - Magepan MMG's Followed by Most Polk speakers. For Monitors for audio work I have Adam A5X's with ribbon tweeter which I like but can be very sterile as expected.

    Overall, I'm not sure if I'm buying way more speaker than I need for the room for HT. I like to listen to classical and Jazz at normal levels or softer volume, but I also love a good HT setup and rock music. My Magnepan's were originally going to go in the room as L/R, but with the sweet spot so narrow, I've decided to move them elsewhere as dedicated speakers.

    All comments appreciated! Attached pictures show with Volt 6 and Volt 10's plus either Fusion/88 combo or 1099 combo. For center I'll have 18"-22" of space at the bottom of the screen to work with for angling the center channel toward the listeners.

    I'm hoping for good HT and large imaging sweet spot with possible good 2.1ch music

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  2. Hello...go with a DIY acoustic screen and 3 identical speakers properly placed at ear level with a center behind the screen where vocals should be.
    Also make sure you're at least 3.5' from the back wall to get the rear wall reflection null below the crossover point to the subs if you cross at 80hz.
    With a 10' ceiling your head will be around 7' from the ceiling. If you want Atmos fronts and rears you'll have them around 45 degrees give or take a few which puts them around 7 behind and in front of you of course 55 degrees would put you around maybe 5 feet at a minimum so that puts you no closer than 5' from the back wall.

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