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  1. You should have a piece of paper in one of your kits showing how the crossover is assembled. If you can't find it or misplaced it, send me an email.
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    I use my setup for home theater use, but what I do enjoy most is just pure and simple stereo music listening (so 75% music, 25% movies).
    I really do appreciate a good soundstage and imaging, and this would be one of the main things I would be hoping to improve.
    With a good soundstage I do prefer having a phantom center, as I don't have a permeable screen and thus the two speakers seem to work just dandy.

    My room is ~20ft wide and ~10ft deep, and I listen with the speakers ~6ft apart ~6ft away with the front speakers ~3 feet off the front wall to give them room to breath.

    I was thinking that bookshelf speakers would be ideal, as I am using my Marantz SR 7002 for bass management and currency has a crossover set at 140hz as I am using bookshelf speakers and dual subs currently.

    I was looking into the HT vs HTM series and wondering if you think that would be the best fit? Or would you recommend something else? or what within the HT/HTM would you recommend?
  3. I'd go for the HT-12 or HTM-12 if you want the best phantom image from the speakers. They have the largest waveguide witch gives them the most directivity control. Though the smaller HT models will also work well especially at that close distance.

    The HTM-12 will have the edge in sound quality if you are willing to splurge for that model. Otherwise the HT-12 is nearly 90% of the HTM-12 if you are on a budget.
  4. Perfect! Thanks for the reply! Just making sure you think they would also be the best option for music and stereo imaging / soundstage.
    The HTM-12s have slightly higher end components is that correct?
    All these options certainly can lead to analysis paralysis, so looking for one final thumbs up before ordering the HTM-12s.
    Thanks again! I really do appreciate the input!
  5. How does the 88 Special stack up against those two?
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    I've just ordered 2 HTM-12s. I am struggling to find the recycled denim insulation in the UK. I've found some sheep wool 100mm insulation for walls and floors. I was wondering if this would be a good substitute for lining the speakers? If so, do you need to stick the insulation to the walls with a spray adhesive? Many thanks.
  7. I can't comment of the sheep wool though I "think" it would be fine based on info I looked up. Also 100mm is too thick, 40mm to 50mm should be fine.

    Yes you need to attach it to the walls somehow. I used spray adhesive in both my HTM12's and HTM6's. The smaller panels of the HTM6's made it easy to get good adhesion. However I had issues with the larger panels on the HTM12. It may have been my brand of adhesive being sub par?
  8. I lined my Vortex-15s with rockwool that I had leftover from building bass traps. I secured it by covering it with Parts Express speaker grill cloth (also left over from the bass traps) and stapled it down. Works well, looks pretty good, and traps the fibers.
  9. I was thinking rockwool, but those fibres scare the heck out of me.
  10. I definitely wouldn't want it loose in the cabinet, but it seems fine covered with with the speaker grill cloth, which is more substantial than I might expect. I've had no issues with my acoustic treatments that are also rockwool covered by the same fabric (although for those I did layer a nylon screen under the fabric so my cats couldn't slash through to the insulation).
  11. Hope everyone's staying safe! Looking to buy a three pack of HT-10s soon. Any ETA on HT-10 and Flat Pack combo inventory?

  12. I'm working through the inventory this week. I get crossover components from Parts Express and they're out of a decent number of the parts for many of the kits, so I'm not sure how many I can put in stock.
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  13. Erich - are you guys still waiting for drivers for the HT-8s?
  14. I do currently have the HT-8 parts and also ordered more woofers last week. I am finally in the new building and slowly getting kits back up on the site and should get some of the HT-8's up this week.
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    Ok, hopefully my last question before I put in an order (and when stock becomes available)!
    I have been doing more reading about the importance of the off axis response / polar plots and also resonances and thus I have been beyond impressed with the off axis response / polar plot for the HTM-12.
    HTM-12 off axis.png

    I have done some further looking and have managed to find the HT-12 off axis response on an AVS form and it also looks pretty darn good. HT-12 off axis.png .
    I have not found the polar plot, but since it comes from the same date I have a relatively good sense of what it would look like.... But if that data is out there somewhere I would love to see it.

    What I am wondering is if there are off axis responses / polar plots for the HT-8 and HT-10 (to compare to the previously posted HTM 8 and 10 data). Its ok if the data does not exist, I am just wondering.

    Ideally I would also love to see the off axis responses / polar plot for the updated HTM-12. If that data is available that would be amazing and I think I would have enough info to commit to one (likely the HT-12 vs HTM-12).

    Also, how would the higher end components in the HTM-12 help outside of what can be seen in the frequency responses (sorry for being naive and new to this technical audio stuff)?

    Thanks for any info!
  16. Hey guys, I know moving things is probably taking quite a bit of time still.

    I didn't happen to see on here or AVS about the HT6. Will these be going back up with the HTM/HT line or are you discontinuing? thanks
  17. Any idea when the HT-8 kits and flat pack combo will be back in stock?
  18. I'm waiting for front baffles to be made for the HT-6. I'm going to try to get some HT-8's up on the site this upcoming week if I can get all the crossover parts.

    It's been difficult getting stock on lots of things right now due to how many manufacturers were closed down around the world for 1-2 months. No one has actually caught back up yet. And when some kits use 15 different components, it's tough getting everything together at one time.

    Example: I ordered and paid for another run of Anarchy woofers back on December 16th. 7 months later and they are just now getting ready to ship them here. Crazy times.
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  19. I *really* appreciate your efforts here :) I can only imagine how much work it is nowadays. At my work, we're still dealing with the aftereffects of supply chain disruption. We're expecting it to continue to impact us significantly through Q1 next year. As a small business its gotta be doubly difficult ...

    Thanks for keeping at it :)
  20. There isn't much difference between the HT-8/10 and HTM-8/10, like the HT-12 and HTM-12 the off axis or polar will look largely the same between the HT and HTM because the it's the same baffle,woofer size, waveguide and a similar crossover point all of which dictate the off axis behavior. The main difference being minor changes in the frequency response between the HT and HTM but those differences are reflected in off axis data and when normalized to the on axis response result in a very similar polar plot.

    That said I'll still try and gather some measurements for the HT-8/10 and new HTM-12 as I know the data for those is currently lacking.
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  21. Thanks so much for the info and both your and Erichs involvement in these forms!

    I am wondering how you see the higher end components in the HTM-12 affecting the sound compared the the HT-12?

    I asked on AVS forms "... comparing the frequency response on and off axis they booth seem like very impressive speakers, but it almost looks like the high end stays a little more smooth in the HT compared to the HTM yet that is against what I have heard from most people that the high end sounds more refined in the HTM. Thoughts?"

    To which Erich said "The new HTM-12 uses better parts than the original HTM-12 and it's now a bigger step up from the HT line than the previous model was. I would say very few people have been able to compare them to anything because they're new and not many have been built yet. The woofer is really nice in the new model."

    Sorry to keep coming back to this, I am just wondering how you see the differences in the HTM-12 vs HT-12 and if the main difference can be seen in the frequency response, or if there is something else that I should be considering that the higher end components would bring.

    Thanks for all the info and patience as I try and decide between the two. (I know I probably will be happy either way, but just wanting to make an as informed decision as possible)
  22. I'm in the process of building a new theater in a new house. I already have ht-10's for the lcr's and i love them. I was going to buy 4 ht-8's for surrounds and 4 volt 6's for atmos when they get back in stock. I was wondering if ht-6's work out better then the volts for atmos? My room size is 14x9x21. Thanks
  23. I don't have the graph added for the HTM-12 v2 but it's in general a little flatter then the original HTM-12 or the HT-12 both in part due to better drivers and an updated crossover. The new HTM-12 does not sound like a completely different speaker when comparing it to the HT-12 (or 1st gen HTM-12) just a more refined version as both speakers were designed with the same goal in mind. The better drivers and improved crossover give a flatter response and lower distortion so the sound will be more detailed and transparent (or less colored) as the sound is reproduced staying more true to the original source.

    You mentioned that the HT-12 response looks a little smoother then the original HTM-12 in the off axis graphs but the on axis graphs better illustrate that this really isn't the case especially above 4k:
    HTM-12 v1:
    HTM-12 on axis.png
    HT-12 on axis, gated, 1-12th smoothing.png
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    Do you have just one row of seating and are you able to angle the speakers? If yes to both then the HT-6 would be an improvement over the Volt-6, otherwise you will want to use the Volt-6 for it's greater vertical dispersion.

    The HT-6 being a conventional 2-way has cancellation nulls once you move far enough off axis vertically and the drivers move out of time alignment and begin to interfere destructively or cancel each other out at the crossover frequency. Therefor it's best to say within roughly +- 20 degrees. The Volt-6 being a coaxial does not suffer from cancellation nulls as the drivers are concentrically aligned.

    That said if you have more then one row but put more focus on giving ideal sound to your row and don't mind if the other rows have slightly less then ideal response from the atmos speakers the HT-6 would be a better choice assuming you can aim them properly as the HT-6 is a better speaker nearly all around (except in vertical dispersion).

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