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  1. Thank you. Yes I'll have 2 rows but my row will be priority. I will be ordering the ht-8s and ht-6s as soon they go in stock.
  2. Thanks so much for the info! I will purchase the HTM-12 when they are in stock, and I am sure I will not be disappointed! Ill post a review once the whole process is done. Thanks again!
  3. Any updates?
  4. Are there any plans to bring back an updated HTM-8 with the same CD as the new HTM-12? Or do the new HTM-12's blend almost as well as the HT-12's to the HT-8 or upcoming HT-6 for surrounds?

    I'm still not sure if it's best to get the better HTM-12 for LCR or if I should go with the better timbre match and stick with the HT-12's along with HT-8's for surround and atmos.
  5. HT-8's will blend just as well with the HTM-12 as they do with the HT-12.

    HT and HTM lines can be used together seamlessly.
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  6. Do we have any ETA on when the HT kits will hit the website for ordering?
  7. The HT-12 and HTM-12 kits are in stock.

    Ports are out of stock at Parts Express for the HT-8. I have some here, but not sure how many. I can't recall what part I'm waiting on for the HT-10.
  8. Will the HT-12 non-flat pack kits be up? Or was I just too slow to grab one :(
  9. I need to create a speaker box for the HTM-8. If I recall correctly the HT-8 uses the same flat pack (3/4" MDF baffle, 1/2" birch box) as its sibling, right? I want to start cuttin' stuff but need a target cuft number to aim for in creating the box. If my math is right for the HT-8 dimensions I'm showing 0.655 cubic feet in simple box volume, ignoring components and ports.
  10. HTM-8 and HT-8 cabinets were identical.
  11. Are there specs and an eta (this year or next year or even further out than that?) available for the HT-6?
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  12. This might be a silly question, but would it be possible to build a mtm style ht-8 ?
  13. Matt, do you have the off-axis response for the new version of the HTM-12? Am I correct in thinking the graph on here is still for the old version? How about for the HT's?
  14. Hi all,
    New to this forum. Nice community you have here.

    I'm building a new house with a dedicated theatre room. Looking for recommendations for 7 DIYSG speakers for LCR and surrounds in a 7.2 configuration.

    Room is 20' x 14' with 9' ceiling and will have acoustic treatment. Front wall is 5.5" thick timber stud work (double studs due to artwork niches on the other side of the wall). Side and rear walls are roughly 3.5" thick timber stud work. All walls will have sound treatment. My preference is to install all 7 speakers in-wall. The carpenters will do whatever wall framing I want.
    Subs are two SVS 20-39CS units. These produce loads of bass; frequency response is shown by the Red line on page 8 of the attached manual.
    Room correction is provided by Onkyo PR-SC5509 pre-pro.
    Usage is roughly 60% movies and 40% multi-channel music.

    Recommendations for 7 bed speakers would be greatly appreciated.
    They will be shipped to Australia.


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  15. Any updates on when the HTs will be in stock?
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    Be patient, they'll be back when they can be back as there's many factors that are out of Erich's hands. For what's not out of his hands there's a lot that he doesn't have enough hands to take care of. In the meanwhile read this AVSForum post so you can have a better understanding of what the hold-up is and what he's up against. I found it pretty illuminating.

    Edit: whoops, somehow neglected to add the link. Sorry 'bout that.
  17. I'm working on the HT-10 kits right now and will get them in stock in the next day or so. Tomorrow I'll be working on the HT-12 and probably the HTM-12.
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    I see the flat-pack combo packs are up and available. Do you know when the HT-8 sans flat pack might be available?
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  19. Awesome to hear this. Hoping they blend well with Titan 615LX too? Planning to use the HTMs for the surrounds :)
  20. The HT/HTM will work very well as surrounds with the Titans.
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  21. I'm looking for linings for HT-8 kits.

    Would these be good? It seems like everyone is using denim. Is that better than foam? The stickers seem handy.

    (The forum wouldn't let me post the links for some reason.)

    Home Depot
    R-6.7 Denim Insulation Roll 16 in. x 48 in.
    by UltraTouch

    LEIYER 12 pack Acoustic Panels 1.5" X 12" X 12", Acoustic Foam with Gum, Studio Foam Wedges, High Density Panels, Soundproof Foam Panels (Black)

  22. The recycled denim is my weapon of choice after following Matt Grant's recommendation. It's easy enough to just cut it with scissors and then tack in place with a hot glue gun. A single roll will be more than enough for a pair of HT-8s, though the 6-pack is a much better value if you're planning on building more ported speakers.
  23. Thanks. I just noticed that the single roll denim is out of stock, too. Do you know of another source for suitable stuff besides Home Depot?
  24. Best Plan B I've got is either "Frost King Cotton Insulation" or U-Haul Furniture Pads. The Bonded Logic R-6.7 claims to fluff up to 1.6" thick when out of the package which sounds about right. Not sure how doubling it up the thinner stuff changes things since there would be an air gap between layers.
  25. The acoustic foam tiles will work if you can't easily get the denim. Poly batting can work as well if applied thick enough, I would go a little thicker with batting since it's less dense then denim or foam. Loose Polyfil will also work it just take a little effort to secured so that it doesn't fall out like covering it with a thin layer of fabric or other mesh material (thin landscape fabric, window screen, etc.)

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