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  1. Excellent. I’ll give it a go!
  2. So I'm not a wizard at Winisd, but here's a first attempt to coax a little more bass from the Celestion. I set the tuning frequency at 65 vs 70. Response dips slightly until 85hz (compared to stock HT8) but rises thereafter for a bass extension improvement of 7-8 hz. I also added a third model using a 60hx tuning and slightly larger volume. More dip, but over 10 hz extension (assuming I'm understanding all of this!)

    Vent length is about 2.75 inches. The only direction I can go with box expansion is UP since the HT8's will be in columns.

    Not sure it's worth the trouble - will I hear a difference?
  3. I wouldn't recommend changing the original design.
  4. When is the HT line speakers are expected to be back in stock? Also, is shipping to Australia available?
  5. I apologize for the dumb question, but has anyone used a recessed speaker cup terminal instead of binding posts on the HT-8 or other model home theater speakers? Or would cutting a 2-inch hole and mounting a speaker cup mess up the acoustics too much? Thanks.
  6. Totally fine to use terminal cups, I use them on pretty much all of my builds.
  7. I’m in the process of building custom boxes for my recently received HT-8 kits. They will be used as surrounds and flush-mounted in wall columns.

    A couple of questions:

    Will a 1 inch Walmart foam mattress topper be sufficient as a liner? Does it need to be glue in or fastened in some way? The preferred denim is not available in small quantities.

    The ports are a tad loose in the holes I cut out. I’m thinking of cementing them in with PL-3. Is there a better option?

    Lastly, since the baffle will be flush with the column fronts, should I keep the baffle edges square, or should I put a roundover on them? There will be a gap between the column front panel and speaker edges of less than 1/8 inch.

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  8. The 1" Walmart mattress topper should be ok, I would just make sure you line the back, sides, top and bottom.

    When I have cut the holes for those press in port tubes slightly too large I'll tape the ribbed section with a few wraps of masking tape until the ports fit snug. But you can certainly glue them in if you wanted.

    No roundover needed if mounting like that.
  9. I've found that rope caulk is a good way to get port tubes to stay in place.
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    Matt, here's a look at my ht-8 bracing. At the moment, the woofer section at 11.5 X 9.5 inches does not have any bracing. the mdf is 1/2":


    Should I add bracing to that section, or do you think it's ok as is - here's what I had in mind:


  11. It could benefit a little from a brace placed there.
  12. Thanks Matt!
  13. When using angled mounts for 4x HT-8s on the ceiling for Atmos ceiling speakers, would it be better to mount the HT-8s rightside up or upside down?

    They will be at 45 degree angles to the seating area.

  14. Hey guys (new guy to the forum). I've been following diysg for 5 years or so and have been making plans for my theater throughout that time. I initially planned on 3 HTM-12s for my LCR through an acoustically transparent screen. However, due to space constraints and trying to match correct Dolby angles, I'm going to have to go with the HT-10s for my Left and Right channels. Would using an HTM-12 for the center channel match enough, or should I do the HT-12 (or just a third HT-10). I'm sure using 3 HT-10s will be plenty, I just feel a little let down after planning for years on the HTM-12s haha. Thanks!
  15. I'd match for best imaging and consistency. To squeeze out more performance, I'd suggest focusing on subs, room treatments, and EQ, not inconsistent LCRs.

    OTOH, for LRs, it's fine to go wider if that lets you fit 3x HTM-12s. Maybe even better if you toe in.
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  16. Thanks for the reply! Yeah, I assumed going HT-10 for all three LCR would be the best out of those options....just needed others to confirm it for me.

    Unfortunately, I'm needing to compromise for a narrower cabinet to be able to get the woofers even out to the minimum Dolby angle recommendation based on my MLP (my theater is 20' long, but only 13' wide). Going with the 10" speaker, I'll just barely get wide enough with toe-in. Schematically it will be just about perfect with the 10". With the 12" I'd have to either compromise with my front stage being too close together, or modify a wall that would ultimately lead to poor room acoustics....I think the HT-10 will be awesome once I get it all set up. I just hate know there's bigger/better out there that I might be missing out on haha.
  17. Would the 1099s fit?
  18. You know what....they would. I wouldn't have a ton of room for toe-in, but they would definitely fit width wise.

    They (the 1099s) are actually timbre matched with the HT line, correct? I think I've read that somewhere. I was planning on HT-8s for the surrounds
  19. I've seen the DIYSG guys say that the 1099 is better than the HTM-12 for home theater due to midrange, so if you can fit it, that sounds like the solution.
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  21. Hi Matt, would it be possible to have an HTM-12 with dual 12" woofers similar to the JTR Noesis 210HT? Would it even make much of a difference?

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  22. What happened to the HT-10 on the site?
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    In that case I'm gonna have to convince my wife that we need the HT-12 instead of the HT-10!! Though I think I'll have to go with the HT-8.

    For my room, which is 11.5x13ft, with one side open to our kitchen/dining room (approx. another 22x22ft), would 3 HT-8s do well?

    After upgrades, I'm considering:
    • NAD T758 v3
    • 2x Dayton 12" Ultimax kits
    • HT-10 (L/R) OR HT-8 if the 10's don't in fact come back in stock
    • HT-8 (center)
    • 2x Volt 6 for surround
    • I'd also be building a new TV/media console to house the electronics and the HT-8.
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    When positioning the HT speakers for height, where do we consider the sound to come from? People often say the tweeters, since higher frequencies are easier to localise, but then I read this post:
    I thought human vocals were even lower than that, with 1000 Hz being the top of soprano, but I don't know. And I think the crossover for the HT-12s is 1450 Hz, and for the HT-8s it's 1550 Hz, so it's a good point that we want the vocals to be at a good height.

    So is the specific height advice for these speakers - both for fronts and surrounds?


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