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  1. HT-6?

    Is this a new speaker due out? A bit smaller than the HT-8s I assume?
  2. Yes a bit smaller then the HT-8, though they aren't exactly a brand new they were done around the same time as the other HT designs they just never got listed on DIYSG.
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  3. Thanks Matt. Are they likely to get listed any time soon? I'd like to try them out (although it would be handy to see your measurements, to check of off-axis range compared to the HT-8s).
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    I've had my HT-8s set up for a few weeks now and generally have been really impressed. However, I randomly decided to run a few sweeps this afternoon and noticed some weird "undertones" at high frequencies. The attached pictures are at 16khz and 20khz test tones. Notice in the 16khz test tone image there is a significant frequency at 8khz. And in the 20khz test tone image, the primary frequency measured is actually 12,400 hz!

    Has anyone had similar issues with this, or could help explain what the issue might be? Could it instead be my amp? How can I isolate the problem?

    EDIT: If I switch my AVR to "Direct", the problem goes away, so it's likely an issue with my AVR (Yamaha RX V385).

    EDIT 2: Problem is resolved when "Enhancer" function is turned OFF. This quirk might be something to be aware of for any Yamaha users, assuming it's not just an issue with my specific unit.

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  5. Matt, do you think this result for the HT-8 suggests a higher crossover setting than 80 Hz? The data on the site says the -3 dB point is 70 Hz but it seems like this suggests that in reality it's more like 150 Hz, unless I am misinterpreting something.
  6. Those measurements are performed 4pi and the bass does roll off slightly quicker then what is to be expected with the speakers placed in a room as designed. They are gated measurements as well and the resolution below about 200hz does become iffy. I still plan on taking ground plane measurements of the designs to show a more accurate low frequency extension.

    I may have thrown the oddball TF0818 woofer I have in that cabinet as well. I've got one where the Fs is ~136hz vs mid 90's of my others. That one has more sensitivity and midband output as well which is also why I think the treble looks shelved down so much (more then I had been expecting).

    This the modeled difference in bass response between the two TF0818's:

    TF0818 woofer compairison.png
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    For current HT-12 owners; would anyone be interested in an HT-12 upgrade crossover? It involves a near complete redesign of the crossover (taking it from 8 to 19 components) and greatly improves the response linearity and balance.

    Here is the expected difference:
    HT-12+ upgrade crossover.png

    Basically I am just gauging interest in something like this and if it's worth getting boards made up for. These would be offered as fully assembled boards you just swap in for your current crossover. I still have to calculate the cost but will update with that soon.

    Edit - Would be $80 each for the fully assembled upgrade crossovers.
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  8. Would this crossover come to the HT-12 when they come back in stock?
  9. Not likely, the original crossover is designed to be value oriented, fairly simple and easy to put together even without the PCB. This one is almost the opposite of that.

    I did have in mind that if someone was to order the normal HT-12 kit and send me the unassembled crossover components from their kit there would be a discount of the upgrade crossover.
  10. Can we order the HT-12 and substitute the crossover or just buy the crossover separately. Now that I have my Titans coming I need to start working on my surrounds:D
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    These crossovers would be a totally separate entity from the HT-12 kit on DIYSG. It would be difficult to substitute the crossovers because while the parts for a normal HT-12 kit might be in stock these may not which would prevent ordering. That's why I'm thinking it would be best to keep them separate. Even now if I was to start offering the crossovers I don't think I would be able to get the all the parts in to assemble them for at least a couple months due to the supply chain issues.

    Edit: The other option I could offer would be selling just the PCB for the upgrade crossover and you would acquire the needed components (minus the two which get reused from the normal crossover).
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  12. This sounds like a fantastic option. How do you imagine the end results would compare with the HTM-12s?

    I would be interested in ordering 3.
  13. The on axis frequency response of the upgraded HT-12 should actually be better then the HTM-12. Though the HTM-12 will have slightly better transition off axis through the crossover because of it's lower crossover point (small difference, might not be too audible). Distortion performance from the drivers in the HTM-12 still best the ones in the HT-12 as well, that can't be changed much with the crossover.
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  14. Happy days!

    No problem there.

    Is that much of an audible difference, and if so, at what volume exactly? Because even the HT-12s seem to have pretty low distortion.

    I would definitely like to upgrade mine if you offer the option, thanks!
  15. has anybody been able to find the waveguide for the ht8 i know diysoundgroup is out of stock for these kits but i can get the crossover from them and buy the parts myself just cant find the waveguide
  16. Looks like it's available here:
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    will these fit the compression driver look like the back is different

    will these be good for surround and rear speakers
  18. The HT-8 kit actually uses the Seos10 waveguide not the Seos8 waveguide. Seos8 appears to be for larger compression drivers.
  19. thanks i guess ill wait until 2045 when they come back in stock
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  20. Is this an acceptable location to mount the crossover in the HT-8?...

    ht8_crossover_1.jpg ht8_crossover_2.jpg

    Are there any concerns with its proximity to the CD magnet?

    Hoping Matt will weigh in, but welcome input from anyone with enough experience to answer definitively.

  21. Nope, that should be perfectly fine.
  22. Great! Thanks for the quick response Matt. Looking forward to when I finally get to hear them :)
  23. so just buying the crossover and sourcing your own parts as close as possible would that be a bad idea tired of my crappy system i have
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  25. Hey Matt,
    I am considering a UST projector with an ALR screen. To prevent from getting nose bleed, I have to keep things lower on the ground. This means My htm12s will be below ear level. This will be in a 9ft high, 13ft wide room. I sit 10ft away which is halfway the length of the room. I am considering putting the html12s on its side. which one is better?

    Would option A help with a wider (vertical) dispersion to reach ear level. Also, being only 13 ft wide - im hoping I dont sacrifice horizontal dispersion since the room is not that wide. Option B- if this is even possible and worse case scenario since I have to remake the speaker box.

    Thank you

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