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  1. I'm quite certain the Volts would be better for Atmos just because of dispersion. I also plan to get the HTM-12 for LCR. At first I was planning on doing the sealed Volt-10lx for surround and ceiling duty. Then I was intrigued by the Concentric-8. Both were attractive because they can be done with an IB enclosure for in wall and in ceiling use and crossed over at 80Hz. Both can also be crossed over at 80Hz with a sealed box. The edge went to the Concentric-8 because it can be had with bamboo baffle and the speaker is a bit smaller. Now I'm thinking possibly HTM-8 for surrounds and IB Concentric-8 for Atmos. The question for me is how will the HTM-8 compare to the Concentric-8 in low end output and is their voicing similar enough to mix and match them with the HTM-12?
  2. What is the minimum enclosure depth for the HTM-6 and HTM-8?
  3. Can I use an electronic crossover for these? They would be a great match for my monster 12-Channel ATI Amplifier
  4. Any chance there will be a bamboo baffle offered?
  5. The limiting factor for depth is the compression driver and waveguide which is 5.5" on the HTM-6 and about 6" on the HTM-8 so you could probably get down to 6.25" on the HTM-6 and maybe 6.75" on the HTM-8 assuming you make them taller/wider to keep internal volume the same. You can subtract another 1/4" if using 1/2" for the rear panel instead of 3/4".

    Unfortunately no as I have not designed an active crossover for these speakers.
  6. Thank you Matt.

    Hopefully Erich will chime in on the possibility of bamboo baffles.
  7. So I'm more in the live sound world and these cabinets look great for some speakers I'm looking at building. I'd build the 12" version, would I just need to redesign the crossover to have them work more as PA speakers? Any info is appreciated! Thanks.
  8. Hey Guys,

    I am in the process of building my LCR HTM-12 speakers and was wondering if you could please assist in a query I have about insulation inside the speaker cabinets.

    Unfortunately in the UK we are not able to purchase "recycled jean insulation" so we have to use polyster wadding which is ok in itself, however what I would like to know is , am I able to use acoustic tiles cut to size and then stuck inside the cabinet then filling the area where the drivers go with pollyfill?

    A bit like the ones in attached picture.. Many thanks

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  9. Yeah you can use those foam tiles inside the cabinet if you want. You really only need to line the walls to about 5-8cm thick, you don't want to fill the enclosure completely. There needs to be airspace around the back of the woofer over to and around the ports.
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  10. Thank you Matt, really appreciate your reply. Would you suggest using the foam tiles or polyester wadding ? What would be the better option? Also another question I wanted to ask, where would be the best place to install the crossover board and should they or shouldn't they be covered with the polyester wadding or foam tile?

    Thank you..
  11. Unless you have the foam already I personally would use the poly, it's likely far less expensive and should be easier to get the correct amount in there. Acoustically the foam likely works a bit better for it's size/thickness, you will need to make the poly lay a little thicker then the foam for the same effect but the cost savings should greatly outweigh that.

    The crossover does not need to be covered, it can be placed on the side or rear of the enclosure behind the woofer.
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  12. Thank you Matt much appreciated :)
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    Hi Matt. My HT room is 13.5'W x 18.5'L x 9'H and I have just built four angled box Volt 10LXs for surrounds. I'm thinking about HTM12s for LCRs. I have a Yamaha A2060 AVR and will start with just one sub. I'll use the room mainly for movies and TV sports. Will the HTMs and Volts play well together? I have no intention of doing any Atmos. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

    UPDATE: The HTM12s are on order so we'll see how they match up soon, hopefully.
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    Hi Matt,

    I'm upgrading all of my HT equipment (except my Captivator) OLED, 4k ATV, Denon X3300W AVR. I am not at all versed in electronic circuitry so I dont know what you mean by "active" crossover. My plan was to get 3 HTM-6's for my LCR with the pre built crossover and connect them to my Emotiva XPA3. Will this work? Forgive my noob-ish question, but I don't want to waste my time and would simply get something else to build that you would recommend.

    Lastly, is there any grill covers for these? A little WAF here.

  15. I’m interested in the HTM 10/12 for LCR behind an acoustic transparent screen. Sorry for my basic question, but is there any concern that the screen will shake/vibrate due to the speakers?
  16. No the screen won't visibly shake/vibrate from the speakers being placed behind it, they just aren't displacing enough air to move the screen. You need something like high excursion subwoofers placed right up against the screen or their ports firing at the screen to move it enough for the shaking to become visible at the seats.
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  17. Perfect!
  18. Heyo, new member here!

    Looking to built an LCR set starting with the HTM-6s as L/R. Its going to be in my living room with the 65" OLED mounded above my "entertainment stand". Is there any horizontal center design that would sonically match the HTM-6s.

    For reference, I currently use the NHT Classic Three series, but love the sound of compression drivers. The L/R and L/R-surrounds will be no problem with the HTM-6s, just trying to find a good center channel solution.

    Thanks in advance!
  19. HTM-8 photo added:
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  20. Nice! How long until we can expect to see them for sale?
  21. Any specs on these yet. I was waiting on these to be finished before making a decision for base surround speakers.
  22. Cabinet is 12.5" wide x 16.75" high x 7.5" deep.

    Sensitivity is 94dB @ 2.83v

    Crossover is 1300Hz approximately 24dB/octave electrical.

    +-3dB from 60Hz to 18.5kHz.

    I still need to copy over the measurements.
  23. Hi all

    Has anyone done the HTM-12 as a sealed cabinet? if so if you have the specs for the box it would be appreciated.

    Also peoples thoughts on how these work for music in general, they will be in my cinema room but it's music first for me.
  24. The HTM-12 could certainly be built sealed, general enclosure size should actually remain about the same as the regular ported version. The bass will begin to rolloff around 80hz when sealed.
  25. Hey Matt,

    Heard rumors of a HTM horizontal center channel speaker design in the works. Is that still going to happen and can you give a few hints about the layout? 2-way, 3-way and the size of the woofers and that sort of thing would be helpful. Congrats on the new designs and thank you for any information about the latest and greatest.

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