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  1. It will be an MTM, still deciding between dual 8" and dual 10", and between 4ohm nominal or 8 ohm nominal. If you had to pick what would you like to see?
  2. I would like to see a dual 8" with 8 ohm nominal for a horizontal center. Since 3-way SEOS horn centers are available in 1099/1299/1899 or you could pick up a rather tall 88 Special with the 15" SEOS horn--nice to have the option for another dual 8" center with the SEOS horn. Will it be a 2-way or 3-way, will it use the 8" SEOS horn like the HTM-6 and what will the crossover point be? Have no idea the lowest point the 8" SEOS will cross, but if it can cross at 1,300Hz or lower would be great. Another option would be to use the 10" SEOS horn and driver, borrow the 1099 five inch mids and run dual 8" drivers and put the ports under the 8's to make the 3-way HTM center around 30" or less wide when laid horizontally (although still 12.5" H like the 1099). Give it an odd name like HTM 898 Center or something. It would "fit" between the Alchemy 8 MTM center with EOS horn and the larger/heavier 1099 Center. The HTM 898C would have the efficiency, power handling from the dual 8's and punch to give the SPL for the HTM-8/10 and 12. Would the issue be getting 16 ohm versions of the HTM-8 Neo driver?

    Thanks for letting me throw my 2 cents in, I'm purchasing a center kit in the next month or two so have to decide. Any idea when the HTM Ceter will see the light of day? Have a great weekend!
  3. Yeah right now the easiest options are for either a 4 ohm 8" MTM ~98dB/2.83v - 95dB/1w, using two of the 8 ohm woofers from the HTM-8.
    Or a 10" MTM which could be either 4 or 8 ohms (since the 2510 comes in both variants), 98dB/2.83v/1w for the 8 ohm version, 101dB/2.83v - 98dB/1w for a 4 ohm version (just one of those options will be designed).

    It will likely be a two way crossover using a new SEOS waveguide that works better for horizontal MTM designs. Crossover will likely be <1300hz.

    This design is likely a few months out as no real work has been started.
  4. If the 8 has to be 4 ohm, I'd vote for the dual 10 in 8 ohms. Will the dual 10 be 30 inches wide with the horn? I'm aware the HTM series is supposed to be behind a screen but for those of us not using screens, width is always a factor. Just trying to figure out sizes of centers, the new works better for centers horn should be interesting. How wide is that horn since the closer you can space the drivers, the better the MTM. Will it be around 8 inches wide or so? I can see something like an 8" wide SEOS made for MTMs to be integrated into the Alchemy center, that would be interesting. Keep us posted and thanks for the information.
  5. I'd vote for dual 8" strictly for size purposes. The 8" seems perfect for non-large home theaters. I would love to stick a dual 8" MTM underneath my OLED.
  6. Is there any word on the availability of the HTM-8?
  7. HTM-8 should be available soon, the design work is done. It may just be held up on flat packs or stuff like Erich finding time to add the new page to the website and get the photos/product information loaded.
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  8. Where did the HTM-8 end up for sensitivity? Any other notable differences compared to HTM-6 and HTM-10?

    I imagine it will slot right between the HTM-6 and HTM-10 for just about everything.
  9. It's just about 94dB@2.83v so yeah right between the HTM-10 and HTM-6. The crossover is about 1.3k. +-3dB to about 60hz.

    There is a big jump in midbass going from the HTM-6 to the HTM-8 but smaller jumps to the 10 and 12. This is mainly because the F3 doesn't really drop much going from the 8 to the 10 to the 12 you just gain sensitivity and max output potential.
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  10. Matt;
    I’m in for (4) HTM-8’s asap.
    Flat packs and xovers also.
    I posted on AVS but can’t post that link here, getting a spam warning....

    Finally adding Atmos to basement HT, got the Denon X8500H.
    Lowering side/back surrounds & re-do front wides

    Front wides I'll use HTM-6's, as they fit exactly where my current Paradigm Mini-Monitors are.

    Side/back surrounds they need to be lowered, and that means speakers more in the ingress/egress path and by rear head possibly.

    I'd like to use HTM-8's for those IF they are available.
  11. Matt, I own a pair of the alpha 8 minions and was wondering if moving to the HTM-8 would be any sort of upgrade? I've just been itching for an upgrade and unable to move to any towers, so was looking to get a bookshelf type speaker at a similar size. I'm sure I can squeeze my wife to let me go with MTM's or bigger speakers, but was wondering if HTM-8 would give me enough of an upgrade without going much bigger.
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    Hi Matt,
    I just purchased three of the HTM-12s. I was contemplating building a baffle wall for these speakers, but I'm not sure they are suitable for baffle wall installation. Would there be any adverse effects to installing them in a baffle wall?

    EDIT: HTM-12s arrived this afternoon. They're beautiful!!
    Time to hit the wood shop!
  13. Not Matt, but from his comments in the first post of this thread:
    "These speakers have been designed and tested to work well in both normal or baffle wall installations."
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  14. Matt, what can I do to persuade you to get to work on the HTM-8 MTM?

    Will that layout also work vertical for a left and right?

    WHAT IS THIS "new SEOS waveguide that works better for horizontal MTM designs."
  15. My fault. I missed that.
    Thank you for pointing that out.
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    Can Matt or someone else clarify how the HTM6 may be able to hit reference at 15ft with external amp power per the initial post here? i think i am missing something. if i run some calcs at 105db SPL at 15ft with a 93db efficient speaker, it seems like you need ~330 watts to hit that but the HTM 6 is only rated for 200 watts i believe. even at something like 13.5ft (half way between the stated 12-15 foot range listed in first post), i see required watts at ~270, still higher than the rated 200 watts.

    what am i missing?


    perhaps Matt was accounting for some type of room gain? assuming you get 3db from that i could see the power needs being inside 200 watts but not sure i want to count on room gain :)
  17. LOL okay 4 months since "soon" was bandied about shamelessly! :p
    Seriously though any new time-frame info available? Also which version of the HTM center was the winner?
  18. It is closer to being listed I promise, I believe the flat packs are getting cut shortly.

    10" center channel first, maybe an 8" as well but that's still up in the air.
  19. Thanks for the update, Matt

    Very interested how you did the 10 inch horizontal center--always a battle with those designs. The HTM-8 is interesting also, light enough to be used as a surround? Nice to have options.
  20. For putting HTM-12s behind an acoustically transparent screen, would you recommend using the HF pad to trim back the highs, or instead not use it because the AT screen will trim the highs a bit already?
  21. Usually you don't need it when placing them behind an AT screen unless you want the even more relaxed/softer high frequency response.
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  22. What are (will be) dimensions for the HTM-8's? I am looking to build an AT screen using HTM-8 as LCRs, in a secondary/false wall and just want to get the measurements straight.
  23. The HTM-8 is 12.5"W x 16.75"H x 8"D. Though it may end up being 7.5" deep if Erich chose to go with 1/2" Baltic Birch for the flat packs on those.
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  24. Perfect! Now I REALLY cant wait for this to go for sale. A perfect match for my small HT room AT screen.
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  25. Any updated news on the HTM-8s?
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