Hyperlite™ Coaxials

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    Hyperlite™ Coaxial Information
    A joint project between Eminence and DIY Sound Group.​

    In 2014: A group project started to make some of the best coaxials you could get. Click here for the thread on the AVS forum. I worked with an overseas company to make some nice sounding 6" and 8" coaxials (Concentric-6 and 8) but they ended up stealing some of my design ideas and then raised prices and minimum orders so high that I had to move in a different direction.

    Late 2016: I talked with the engineer at Eminence and he mentioned they prototyped some new coaxials using their Kappalites as a base starting point. I told him the DIY community would love to get their hands on some high end coaxials, especially neodymium magnet versions where you could install your favorite compression driver. There was going to be three companies involved in the project, but one of them changed their mind before it started, which basically halted the whole project for a while. Bummer.

    Middle of 2017: I kept 'bugging' Eminence about how I'd really like to make a 'home audio' version of the coaxial. I'm sure they got tired of my emails, but because they're such a great company to work with, they agreed to jump start the project again. The goals were to basically make two versions. One geared towards pro audio that they would offer, and another geared more towards home audio/theater that DIY Sound Group would use. We agreed on tooling costs to cover new parts with Eminence offering to pay the largest chunk. And just like that, the project was back on! Click here to see some of the custom tooling.

    2018: The year for designing the custom parts and making different prototypes that would work best for home audio use. Eminence has always been great to work with but they really went above and beyond to get exactly what I was hoping for. They never once questioned my request for making small changes to what must have been 15-20 different prototype samples. Goals were a smooth frequency response with the ability to hit 80hz in a sealed cabinet, 60hz in a small ported cabinet, and 40hz or lower in a large ported cabinet for full range use. Then a fairly high sensitivity rating while still being easy to power with any amplifier. I wasn't as concerned with extreme power handing or really high X-max ratings and focused more on cone shape and material along with how the inner aluminum horn transitioned into the cone of the woofer. This required some custom tooling along with extra work being done to shorten the bobbin where it attaches to a curvilinear shaped cone. This gave a smoother transition from the horn to cone and the 12" and 15" models were finalized.
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  2. Different models and recommended use.
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  3. Extra Information.
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  4. Hi...I was thinking of a Yung SD500 plate amp powering the MBM. There’s an active crossover on it with a 200Hz maximum LP. The baffle width on the coaxial would be such that the baffle step rolloff would start at 200Hz with large round overs (a pill-shaped enclosure).

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