In-wall version of Delta Max

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  1. Ah that's life :) The Volts are sure to suit you well!
  2. I may end up doing somethging like this myself for sides/rears, as I could make Absorption panels for the front reflection points, and use the same exact design(without the insulation) as the cover for the would look the exact same, but different purpose.
    My theater is going to be built with staggered studs on a 6" sill anyway, so this will help, I'll just have to build braces around the area like a window brace.
    I like this idea very much, as it'll hide the speakers(behind AT screening- saving space and mount box hassle/cost), and look the while just look like a design feature...

    "Where's the sound coming from"...heheheheheh
    Just have to be very precise in the location.

  3. I can't tell you how awesome it is to just have a screen on the wall. I do have subs scattered about, but I'd like to eventually make those even more concealed starting with a coffee table build. Don't have the time to do that right now though. It's so fun to watch people try to figure out what that thing is hanging on my wall. They look at the screen puzzled. Then look back at the projector puzzled. Then say "is this a movie screen?" "Yup" "Don't you have speakers or something? You said you were a speaker guy". Hahah. Then I pull down the screen and point out the subs in the corner and the jaw starts to hang :D I only have 6 12" subs but to most people that's just mental. They know you're dedicated when you've got speakers built right into your wall.

    In other words, DO IT :D
  4. To keep the room " soundproof" I'd have to build a "Box" of Double Drywall around these of course, so I'm assuming I could get the Pure Baffle/kit and build the "box" the same dimensions(or close- depending on wanted FR(lows).
    This may actually save me some space as far as AT screen too- not sure.

    Good stuff Tux.

    Thanks Bud.

  5. As I think you are aware, I am building (2) of your Pures for L/R, so if I can keep the entire system the same it would be ideal.
    I know that keeping the sides/Surrounds the exact same isn't the end/be all, but we aren't talking huge $ speakers here, so it may end up worthwhile.
    I may be tight length wise(room)so if I can do inwalls, and place the subs low on the floor all around, it may help to push the screen back(still AT)we'll see...


  6. Sounds like that would work great. In wall is certainly a difficult construction DIY, but pays huge dividends.
  7. I love this idea purely for the simplicity and ease of build - and I'm also surprised more people haven't been building these.

    I've seen baffle wall builds where the speakers are 'resiliently' mounted - isolated from the baffle so as to not add any energy into the wall, and was wondering how much the wall would add to the sound if they were screwed directly to the wall like most in-walls compared to those isolated from the wall. Would there be a big difference do you think?

    I'll be building a baffle wall and eventually settled on some Behringer B215XLs after listening to various other CD/waveguide combo's, but something like this would mean I'd be losing even less depth in the room, so appeals to me even more. Unfortunately getting components or kits shipped to the UK has always been difficult, and the CD used for this build is unique to DIYSoundgroup, so even with the crossover and readily available Eminence woofer, I wouldn't be able to build it.

    Sure you wouldn't like to get hold of a (used?) B215XL with a PH612 and do something similar Tux? (You know you want to - I've seen you in the B215XL thread) :)

  8. Actually I have wanted a 215 to listen to. Problem is they're $300 each locally and that's to much just to play around. Sorry man. Hopefully your plan will work out.

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