JBL 2206H with DNA-360

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  1. Greetings,
    I'm a new member of the forum looking for some folks with experience with the DIY kits.

    A while back I acquired a nice JBL 2206H, more recently another. Welllll, no sense in them just gathering dust. I am wanting to beef up my front sound-stage to keep up with what I am putting together for a sub, and am looking for solid extension down to 80 hz or so and fairly high power capacity for the new satellites. Time and money are as usual an issue, and I like the look of the DIY pre-fab parts.

    My thoughts are to acquire the 2 cu ft tall SEOS box and the matching blank baffle with cut-out for the SEOS waveguide.

    No problem, until I get to putting together the crossover, as I have no expertise whatsoever with putting one together, and no measurement software, mic's, nada ... I'm wondering if anyone on here has ever put one together for this combination? Suggestions/options?
  2. I'm working on this combo right now. I'm hoping to be done with a crossover design in 2-3 weeks which I'd be happy to share. I built some 2 cu ft boxes with a slot ports to test out different crossovers and measure the response. I've listened to the combo with a miniDSP and miniAmp, and they sounded awesome so I'm really excited to get to the finished product. If you don't want to do a passive crossover, you could use the miniDSP or other DSP based solution and do an active speaker. I could measure and provide some suggestions if you want to go that route too.

  3. Quick update. I took my miniDSP and miniAmp and listened to a speaker for a couple of hours and tried out different crossover points and slopes and I found I really liked 3rd order butterworth filters around 1100Hz the best. Lower order crossovers or lower crossover frequency just didn't sound as good to me. I'm not going to try to explain the difference in the sound because I don't know how.

    Passive 3rd order crossovers for the woofers are a little pricey because of the inductors so I'm now considering just going fully active with them. Either a DSP prosound amp like the Peavy IPR, or some miniDSPs and some IRS2092 based amps like the L15D. I'm going to do more testing this weekend to try to decide what to do. I'll keep you updated.
  4. I'm curious to see what you come up with for a passive crossover. I have a "spare" 2206 that will eventually be used as a center channel with the SEOS 12/DNA360.
  5. Still here and working on it. I've done some testing and some passive designs, but I'm not happy with where they are at right now. I'm continue some work on the passive design side while I wait for a power supply for some L15D-Pro IRS2092-based amplifiers to use in an active configuration. I'll post my passive crossovers before the holidays.

    I've been looking at the JBL tech documents on the 2206 and the crossovers are not close to what is coming out of PCD (Passive Crossover Designer), which is why I'm not too happy with where they are at. I'll probably end up ordering some passive components to test out a few crossovers before finalizing everything so it will be a few more weeks.
  6. Got a draft version of the passive I can build to test? I have a small collection of crossover components and will have some time to kill over the holiday.
  7. I'll try to post it tomorrow. I did more work over the weekend and I think I have something that is reasonable.
  8. I've attached a first pass of the passive crossover. I'm not 100% confident with this since I haven't measured it yet. I used Room EQ Wizard (REW) to measure the drivers and the Passive Crossover Design (PCD) spreadsheet to find all the values. PCD is doing something weird when I import the data from REW so the phase data wasn't reliable. I'm going to order some components to start testing, but it will be slow going for the next few weeks.

  9. Excellent. I can get pretty close with everything except the 0.25 mH coils. I guess I need to order those or figure out how to wind my own.
  10. Did this design ever get finalized? I have a couple of the JBL's and would like to try it.


  11. I'm bumping this old thread to see if there is any active crossover design out there to play around with?

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