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  1. CF62CC37-535E-42BF-8E74-0EA1868409F8.jpeg F8123FB4-F4C2-4BA6-B615-C7099E22A1E7.jpeg F.A.S.T. fullrange assisted subwoofer technology!
    I’ve been dragging a pair of JBL2235h drivers around with Me for 25yrs, I purchased new as drivers, never installing them in a proper enclosure until now.
    I was digging through PE open box stuffs where I found these beautiful neodymium motors stuck on the back of PRV drivers.
    Further research brought Me to a group who’s been testing and using in OB, perfect for displaying the backside of these little guys!
    With the help of DIYSG I was able to build a proper 4cuft enclosure for the JBLs with an 18”PR and have a nice table to showcase the PRVs!
    I’m using 3-Dayton apa150s one for each JBL one for the PRVs to share.
    As a preamp I’m using a Minidsp 2x4hd.
    For the first time in My listening experience, the speakers disappeared and the music appeared to be coming from 20ft behind the wall!
    I cried a little, completely overwhelmed in the experience I’m most thankful for!
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  2. Congratulations. Nice setup.
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  3. Thank You very much!
    It was a fun build, I’m currently building a miniature version for My bedroom.
    Exciting times!

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