JBL Subwoofer Project

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  1. I purchased 16 of the JBL 12" sub woofers during the Best Buy Black Friday Sale last year. Finally getting around to using some of them.
    I am building two enclosures which will house two drivers each.
    I needed some bass to go along with the Volt-10's I just hung on my shop walls. Not looking for anything killer, curious as to how these will work, especially where they will be mounted, very high up on a wall between the Volt-10's.


    Going to have to clean off the top of the center three cabinets, that is where I plan on putting these enclosures.
  2. They are done. Now I just need to make room for them and hang them up on the wall between the two Volt-10's.

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  3. How did the JBL's turn out? I have a handful of these as well.
  4. They work fine, but get kinda lost in the shop because it is so big.
    If I am in front of them they sound good. As you move off axis the sound decreases pretty quickly.
    Because of the construction of the shop they rattle a lot of things.
    I can hear them rattle the walls by my back door which is 30 feet away, and I can feel them vibrate the walls 60 feet away.

    I will be building four more of those enclosures to put in my music room.
    They will be about 4 feet away from me, that should be nice.
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