July 19th get together in Vancouver, BC

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  1. Anyone in the north Washington Area, Vancouver Island, and/or of course the lower BC mainland, there's a get together at AVSforum member jbrown's place where 3 quite different SEOS designs will be played.

    Fusion 12
    Elusive 1099
    Unamed 12" TMM

    We'll also hear some JTR 228, Funk Audio speakers, and some other things.

    Get in touch with jbrown if you're interested, but I don't think there's much space left, if any. I'll leave some listening impressions here when we're done.
  2. Ah... too bad. I won't be out that way (to Portland) for another month. Well, maybe next time.
  3. The SEOS stuff showed very strong with the 1099 being quite popular. The JTR228 was also quite impressive. The Funk Audio stuff sure was nice at lower volumes. The speakers were all very top notch. Not a stinker in the group.
  4. Tux, is there a complete review somewhere?
  5. Hello All
    Would there be another get together this year in Vancouver?
  6. I haven't heard of any plans for one. There was another back in the fall. But nothing since. Joe put on both of them so he's probably tapped out. I'd do one on the Island but it's a bit of a trek for most people so not really worthwhile. Where do you live technoweenie? If you ever want a demo, I've got a few things in Ladysmith. I can probably put you in touch with some people with other DIYSG models if you wanted to hear something in particular.
  7. Somehow I missed the fall one, wish I'd known about these get togethers earlier. But, anyway, I'm in South Vancouver, so pretty much anywhere in GVRD is good for me. Just thought I'd get a listen of this 1099 or the alike before I take the plunge. So yes any connections are appreciated.
  8. For a 1099 audition I would contact chalugadp over on AVSforum. If you're not an ACs member let me know and I'll pm you his email. He's in Surrey.

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