Kappalite 3010LF and B&C DE610

Discussion in 'DIY Speakers and Subwoofers' started by Burnsze15, Feb 25, 2019.

  1. Have any of you guys worked with either of these drivers?

    Thinking of pairing the two in a build.

    Curious how the Kappa looks at 1000Hz (flat) to roll into the 610 on a B&C Horn?
  2. We did look at that Kappalite a couple years ago. If I remember correctly it would only do good up around 600hz or so. They used to have a MB and HO version that would be better.
  3. Thanks Erich. they redesigned the square frame to round recently. The spec shows its flat through 1000, but as we know the real world results vary. Im on the hunt for a 10” driver that performs well in a ported low 40s tune, and stays flat through 1000. Beyma has a 10G40 that looks very promising actually.
  4. I know they did switch frames, but the response looks pretty similar with the drop at 450hz.
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