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  1. Hello!

    Looking to find out if there are any appreciable differences between the Kuda and VBSS designs when used strictly as a sub vs MBM. They seem to overlap in their applications, and I’m having trouble determining which would be best? It seems like the VBSS makes for a great MBM, hence it being chosen in the Titan 818 design, whereas the Kuda is an all out subwoofer design? Since I found out about the 818s (I seriously cannot wait until more info comes out, very excited for this speaker), I’m looking at what subwoofer would work best with these. The Kuda seems like the solution, but a VBSS setup with a appropriate subwoofer driver/port configuration would work too?

    Trying to piece this all together.

    Again, thank you guys for the work you do for this community. So great full affordable options are available because of your hard work!
  2. If you want a sub then get a sub. Design one of you have to, or get a VBSS, Marty, or Devastator if you have the space. Subs are the lowest hanging fruit for DIY because the advantages of site built versus what's shippable greatly extends what value DIY can get you versus what money you put into it.

    You speak of Titans which are mids and tweeters stacked on a mid-bass module. Since this is very likely for home theater use you'll want dedicated subs for below what the Titans do. Honestly, you're probably gonna just cross at 80 hz anyway, maybe 60.

    If you have space or shape considerations then look into designing your own sub or pick an existing design by known designers like LDT02 on AVSForum.

    VBSS has a lot of followers because it's exactly what Matt Grant excels at, namely finding some low cost pro-audio driver and make it punch way above its cost. The project prioritizes value. Subwoofer design all about compromises, and if value is your main parameter then VBSS is what you want. If not, then there's a lot more out there including high value kits.
  3. I mean... If I could design my own sub, why’d I be asking the question in the first place? I don’t have the ability to design a sub, but I can glue a box together, so here I am. I’d like to buy/order something at the same time I order a set of speakers (818s top of list), so inherently I want to stay within the DIYSG family of subs. I’m trying to determine the differences between the options I’ve set for myself and there might be other readers trying to make the same decision.

    I get the vibe you’re annoyed I don’t know the answer to my own question. If I did, I wouldn’t have asked. Instead of patronizing me for my ignorance, move along, and let someone else actually help with info on the differences between the two designs.

    I don’t really see how the info you provided was that helpful anyways, you allude to my comparison not really mattering because I’ll be crossing over at such a high frequency. Thanks for that. And while you compliment Matt in his design chops specific to value, you make suggestions for subs that aren’t his designs and are not sold on DIYSG, which is kinda an insult considering this is a forum for DIYSG products if I’m not mistaken.

    You’re point that sub design is a balance of compromises isn’t lost on me. I’ll try and add a bit more information so that these compromises can be weighted better. If I end up with 818s, crossing over at 60-80 seems like it would be throwing away some of the best features of that speaker (extended bass). I’d want a sub that plays very low bass and cross over as low as possible. Seems like the Kuda with an 18” driver tuned at 18hz would be the “best” option. But again, trying to illicit some feedback specific to VBSS vs Kuda here.

    Value isn’t my highest priority and I never stated it was. To be more clear, my highest priority is finding a subwoofer speaker combo that is most optimized for each other.
  4. Since I have not seen any specs on the 8-18 regarding frequency extension I really can't comment on what you would need. However the VBSS is probably not the way to go as you will more than likely want something to dig down to 15 to 20hz with authority.. The Kuda M8 "may" work however getting one when/if in stock is the rub.
    If you are in a hurry then check out the https://shop.gsgad.com/ site as they are a one stop shopping regarding subs so to speak.

    If you are set on getting the 8-18's I would wait for more concrete specs to make a decision. Also I am guessing actual sub cabinet size is not an issue as anything designed to keep up with the 8-18 (which is also large) is going to eat up some serious floor space .
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  5. I suppose you’re right that waiting for specs on the 818s is the right move. I’ve read they are designed to play down to 35hz and that the woofer cab is basically a VBSS, so another VBSS playing below that wouldn’t make a ton of sense. On paper the Kuda seems like it would work, playing down to 18hz. And in reality this does very much come down to what’s in stock when I order. It seems like Eric is having a rough go with the move, he is single handedly running the show, which is admirable, but means things take due time.
    If the 818s do end up being VBSS cabs, I think the Kuda would work well/better, but if stock is an issue I’ll have to consider something else... I did take a look at the GSG site, they have some interesting subs, they’re actually super local to me too. Maybe if stock or shipping ends up being an issue I can consider them. Sounds like this might turn into a Kuda vs GSG options depending on future circumstances. Prolly a better comparison to post on AVR.

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