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  1. Looking for options for LCR in my home theater. Room measures 14-7 x 19-4 x 10. My current design uses two front columns for the L/R speakers with the C behind the screen. I also have 2- 18" subs in the front corners which are currently limiting my L/R mounting heights. I have a shelf above the subs at a height of 40" above the floor. Due to current trim design, this would be the shelf that the speakers would sit on. Originally, the fronts were to be Triad inwalls with the center of the speaker at 58.625 inchs above the floor.

    Screen with this layout would be ~11' from first row of seats. I may have to move the screen forward a little to fit these behind the screen but I should be OK.

    The cut out shown is currently 14"x34" so I believe I have enough room for Cinema 8, Fusion 10 max, 1099. I plan on using the Volt 8s for my surrounds. Budget is open, I just want to build something.

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  2. The 1099 is 36" tall, so not sure it'll fit your spot. Unless the very top can be fit behind the trim or something.

    Given that, I'd go for the 10 Max. It's a very simple build that packs a ton of punch and value. If you wanted something smaller, then the 8, but that doesn't seem to be your desire.
  3. Height is not a problem that cant be solved with a saw. I can make the 1099 fit as long as it wont be positioned too high.
  4. Well then I think either the Max or 1099 make sense. Depends if you want the simplicity of the Max or willing to cut the trim and a more complex build for the center option.
  5. I was planning on cutting the opening already so that's no big deal. I just need to rebuild the grills. So if I do the 1099's, any idea how much depth behind the screen I will need?
  6. If using the flat pack, it's about 14" deep. If building your own, 12" is ok. Deeper makes a little more bass though.

    The Max is a hair wider and doesn't have the mid chamber so it is shallower.
  7. Probably go with flat packs if possible.
    What about surrounds? Was thinking of the angled Volt coax 6 or 8. I like the 6 because of the smaller size. Just not sure which would be a better fit.

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