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  1. Hi all I'm new to the forum and relatively new to the area as well. I just closed on my home north of nazareth pa and finally have a large space for a media game room. I was running through the avs forum and ran across a diy thread about diy sound group kits and decided to check it out. After lurking here for a few days and an email to Erich, I'm really interested in doing an lcr setup of 88 specials behind an at screen. I am still in the planning phase of the basement buildout but am hoping that someone is within a 2 hour drive that could audition the 88's or any of the diy designs/kits. I completely understand if anyone is apprehensive given that I've just created my membership to the forum and quite frankly I'm not very active on other forums that I am a member of. Hopefully if there is someone around you can pm me and I can provide my number so we can chat on the phone a bit to give a more personable understanding of myself for security's sake and we could go from there. Sorry if this sounds like a craigslist personals ad but I'm really excited about what I've heard and before buying off on my first diy system, if like to give them a listen first before I invest. Thanks

  2. I'm getting view but no takers yet? There's gotta be somebody around here. Can anyone point out any gtgs around here that I can maybe meet some people in the "community"?

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