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  1. WIP. I'll try and organize these in an order that makes sense. Not sure what that'll look like.

    SEOS 12 Designs

    Eminence 2512 - 12" pro audio format high output design by Bill Waslo

    Dayton Designer 12 - 12" full range, large sized, design by Bill Waslo

    AE TD12M - 12" high end high output design by Bill Waslo

    Faital Pro 12PR300 - 12" pro audio format high output design by MTG-90

    JBL 2226H - 15" pro audio format high output design by MTG-90

    Sentinel (B&C 15PS76) - 15" pro audio format high output design by MTG-90

    Fusion Pure and Max - 10" pro audio format high output design by tuxedocivic
    In Wall version of Fusion Max

    Eminence Alpha8a - 8" pro audio format budget design by tuxedocivic

    Malcolm Center - Multi Dayton mids horizontal center channel that actually works design by Bill Waslo

    Karma-10 - 10" pro audio format budget design by Erich H

    SEOS 15

    AE TD15 + SEOS15 - high end high output design by Bill Waslo

    Denovo Waveguide designs

    The Minion - 8" pro audio format kit design by MTG-90

    Karma 8 aka MTG-08 - 8" pro audio format kit design by MTG-90
    Karma 8 with the EOS8 waveguide instead

    On Wall Surround - Angled on wall design by MTG-90

    Various 5.25" to 8" Small designs by tuxedocivic (4 designs currently)
  2. +1

    I think this is a good idea Tux, should help out alot.
  3. Tremendous idea, ESP for those looking for a single spot to see them all. Sensitivity, F3, +/- controlled directivity and power handling would make choosing a design very easy.

  4. I just made a new category for it. If there's a confirmed speaker design, we should put the info there.
  5. Awesome. Love the new site layout. Love the idea Maxmercy.

    Will start compiling a list and update the OP in a few days.
  6. Tuxedocivic, if you wanted to start a new thread in the kit section with just the info, graphs, etc, on your speakers that would be okay. I just moved the whole thread there for the moment.

    I'm not sure if those threads should include the whole design process like they are now, or just the final information with people discussing the actual speaker after that.

    If you guys have any other ideas for this place, please let me know.

    If anyone wants to write up information on why frequency responses look the way they do or anything like that, I will make a FAQ section.
  7. Did a little work to the OP.
  8. Tux, I think you missed where I made an actual category for all the designs! :D

    It's a little down the page "SEOS Speaker Designs"
  9. Ok I'm confused. I saw that category, but that doesn't have all the designs in it. And I thought a summary like this might help. Maybe not necessary. But the more designs we get, the more confusing it'll get around here. Did you sticky this thread? Someone did ???
  10. That was me. An index/summary like zilch had seems like a good idea.
  11. I thought the 'SEOS Speaker Design' category would be a good place for designs that have been proven. So if someone has an idea and it evolves into an actual speaker with crossovers posted, it should be moved into that category......nothing else would be there but proven designs with crossovers posted, photos, etc. Then people could ask questions about them in that thread.

    And then if something is made into a complete kit, it could go in the category marked 'DIY Sound Group Speaker Kits'.

    That way a speaker design can evolve from just talk, to completed speaker, to possibly a kit.

    If you think that's a bad idea, just let me know. I just thought it would keep them all in one location.
  12. Oh ok, I see what you mean then. Either way you want to do it Erich. I don't mind either way. The list might be handy, especially if there was order to it. Cause the threads get bumped around. Especially as there gets to be more and more. But it's probably manageable like that without the list. Either way.
  13. Eyleron, a most useful spreadsheet thank you.

    Looking forward to the updates as they come (which appears to be soon).


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