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  1. Hi all, I live in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada which is just outside of London, Ontario. I have Cheap Thrills for fronts, an 88 special for centre channel and Volt 10s for surrounds and rears, along with two large ported UXL18 subs. I also have Volt 8s that I'm in the process of building for PC speakers and I have a trio of Volt 6s I need to make a sound bar enclosure for at some point. I have an Anarchy tapped horn as the sub in my living room. I'd be glad to demo my DIYSOUNDGROUP speakers for anyone in the area. It would be nice to meet more enthusiasts in my area since I haven't come across that many.

  2. Hey Kyle,

    I'm just west on London in Delaware.
    Currently running 2x Fusion 15's and 2x Stonehenge subs . Couldn't be happier.

    How did you go about shipping? Pickup in port Huron ?
  3. Hi there,

    Yes, I use an outfit in Port Huron called US Parcel Pickup that I have stuff shipped to. Works out great! Only problem right now is our dollar being in the toilet, lol.

    It would be cool to meet a fellow enthusiast, let me if you are interested. I've bought quite a few kits from Erich over the years; you are more than welcome to check them out.

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