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  1. Hello forum,
    I'm working on a project that involves exciting a cymbal with sine waves in order to produce interesting harmonics and sound effects, to do this, I'm currently putting a Hiwave sound exciter (http://www.parts-express.com/hiwave-25mm-soundpax-exciter-turns-virtually-anything-into-a-speaker--309-149) on the top surface of the cymbal and it works fine, but the project requires the excitation to be as invisible as possible.
    I am very interested in trying a transducer like the one in this link: http://www.lutins.co.uk/cymbals.html which is attached to the mount of the cymbal instead; but I have not been able to find such device online. I wonder if anyone knows where can I get something like this or if someone could make one for me. Any advice is also very welcome.
    Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. You can buy those here:


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