Looking to build new center channel speaker

Discussion in 'DIY Speakers and Subwoofers' started by ccssid, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. I am starting over with a new layout for a HT setup. will be needing a full bodied DIY center channel speaker. Room is 13 x 28 x 8 and main listening position is approx 12'. Using full range left over / borrowed towers (for now) for l/r and surrounds.

    Unfortunately, there are size constraints of 8" tall (can go a bit more if absolutely nec. but would prefer not to). 32" wide and depth not an issue. I have scoured through Erich's offerings, but am not sure which unit would be the best.

    Thank you in advance
  2. It looks like there's a center channel option for the Fusion 4 Quad, though I don't think the flat pack would work for it. It would only be 5.75" tall and 28" wide.


  3. One wants/needs to ( somewhat ) match/ballpark the sensitivities of each L,R to the prospective center channel ( this, assuming your AVR has some level matching capabilities ).

    Having said that, the Fusion-6 has nice specs ( with a good price ) .

    (click the pic !)



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