Mag12 MBM Baffle for Flex12s

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  1. Matt and Erich,

    Are you still offering the Mag12 Baffle 26” High with the twin 3” ports to be used in a Flex12 design? If you’re only offering the 4” Port, Matt what changes from the original design need to be made for the 17,25Hz tunings and any updates to Bherry DSP?

    Also Matt do you have Bherry DSP numbers (Ground Plane) for running one Mag12 in a 2cuft enclosure ported for 42Hz? I’ve got 2 in a 4cuft enclosure tuned for 42Hz.

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    The Magnum-12 requires very little if any DSP for the smaller higher tuned enclosures. The DSP was only used to boost the bottom end on the low tuned designs in order to get a flat response, this is not required when tuning around 40hz as the driver will give a fairly flat response down to that range. All you really need is a high pass filter, something around 35-40hz of at least 12dB per octave should suffice.

    If you use the 14.5" x 26" baffle with the single 4" port and build the box to 19.75" deep (includes double thick baffle) with the port center tube cut to 9" that should approximate the 24hz tune of the original Flex-12 design. There isn't an easy way to get the 17hz tune with just the single 4" port.

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