Maximus 12LXE L/C/R Finally Completed

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    IMG_20160719_125717.jpgIMG_20160720_103639.jpg IMG_20160720_103810.jpg IMG_20160720_104512.jpg
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  2. More pics coming
  3. Those grills! Please share how you made them and mount them to the cab, they look great.
  4. Well, I will try to explain first then try to post pics. For the Woofers I used 7/16" thick MDF and routed out a 14"dia.X1-1/8"wide Ring and as you can see in the pics I routed a 45deg. bevel on the outside of the ring. Now for mounting them to the cabinets I used 4 small diameter neodeem magnets from Parts express. I recessed them into the back of the ring and lined them up so each one would meet with the mounting allen head screws I used for mounting the Woofer, simple and clean looking and a strong hold. For the grill cloth I just glued it to the back of the ring streching it just tight enough to make it smooth all the way around. I'm embarresed to say I'm not computer savy as I need my daughters help to post pics... so I will try to get to it some time soon. As for the mid driver its pretty much the same.
  5. How did you attach the copper piping to the top cabinet? And I assume they are just sitting on top of the bottom?
  6. 1 1/2" Copper pipe 2" long. The 2 back pipes are mounted solid to the Head (thats what I call the upper box) if you look close you san see thin felt on the bottom of the pipe, Thats because the front pipe is set on a sleave you cant see inside the pipe. This allows for the head to swivel left to right.
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    Brilliant! I love this.
    What do you mean by mounted solid? With glue? Flange and screws? Hammered in?

    Are your head wires running through the front pipe? Im not seeing any falling behind the head. I assume its still sealed somehow as open fully save for the sleeve would seem to change the acoustics.
  8. The 2 back ones (picture if you can) An 1 1/2" wood dowel inside. But the dowel is cut in half, the upper half is screwed to the head (this way the screw is shorter than going the whole length. The upper dowel is glued in and the lower is just slid in, in case I want to remove it. You can see the felt on the bottom so it does'nt scratch when swilving the head. Now the front one is totally different. That is where the wires run for the head, Theres a 1 1/2" X 1/4" sleeve on the lower bass box and one on the head and theres a 5/8" hole drilled through the sleeve for the wires to come up through. The pipe just sets on the lower and upper sleeve so it can swivel. Its very trickey to connect the head because I have little plugs inside that front pipe that connects the upper and lower boxes. I'd like to figure out somthing a little easier to connect the upper to the lower boxes but for now it's ok. Feel free to ask anything.
  9. Good stuff. Thank you so much for the help. I'll order mine in a few days so I'm still pretty far off from this step but it looks really good!

    I assume nothing rattles when the bass hits hard?
  10. Nothing rattles except the house.
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  11. I'm having a hard time trying to get use to these Speaker, The highs seem to be bright and sort of harsh. Can anyone chime in if you built these same speakers, Thanks

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